Welcome to #InspireAfricaProject! There is a difference between laziness and resting. There is also a difference between sitting and relaxing and just sitting down to chat all day long. “A prominent businessman was afflicted with tension, in fact, he was in a very high-strung frame of mind. As himself described it, “He leapt out of bed every morning and immediately got himself into high gear. He was in such a rush.

This hectic pace left him tired and worn out at about midday. He sank into bed every night exhausted. It happened that his home was situated in a grove of trees. Very early morning, unable to sleep, he arose and sat at the window. He became interested in watching a bird emerge from his night’s sleep. He noticed that a bird sleeps with his head under his wings, the feathers pulled all around himself.

When the bird awakened, he pulled his bill out from under his feathers, took a sleepy look around, stretched one leg to its full length, meanwhile stretching the wings over the leg until it spread out like a fan. He pulled the leg and wing back and then repeated the same process with the other leg and wing, whereupon he put his head down in his feathers again for a delicious little catnap (only in this case a bird nap), then the head came out again.The untapped Treasures

This time the bird looked around eagerly, threw his head back, gave his wings and legs two more big stretches, then he sent out a song, a thrilling, melodic song of praise to the day, wherewith he hopped down of the limb, get himself a drink of cold water, and started looking for food.

The high-strung businessman said to himself, “if that’s the way the birds get up, sort of slow and easylike, why wouldn’t it be good method for me to start the day that way?” He actually went through the same performance, even singing, and noticed that the song was an especially beneficial factor, that it was a releasing mechanism.

“I can’t sing,” he chuckled, “but I practice sitting quietly in a chair and singing. Mostly I sang hymns and happy songs. Imagine, me singing, but I did. My wife thought I was bereft of my senses. The only thing I had in the bird was that I did a little praying, too; then like the bird, I felt like some food, and I wanted a good breakfast. And I took my time eating it unlike before. After that I went to work with a released frame of mind. It surely did start me off for the day minus tension, and it helped me to go through the day in a peaceful and relaxed manner.”The Pursuit of Excellence By Ifeanyi AC Eze

Norman Vincent Peale shared some powerful ways to calm down tension.
“1. Sit relaxed in a chair. Completely yield yourself to the chair. Starting with your toes and proceeding to the top of your head, conceiving of every portion of the body as relaxing. Affirm relaxation by saying, “My toes are relaxed, including my fingers and my facial muscles.”

2. Spend two or three minutes thinking of the most beautiful and peaceful scenes you have ever seen. For example, a mountain at sunset, or a deep valley filled with the hush of early morning, or a woods at noonday, or moonlight upon rippling waters. In memory, relive these scenes.

3. Repeat the following, which has an amazing power to relax and quiet the mind; “You will keep him in perfect peace,
Whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You.” Isaiah 26.3. Repeat this several times during the day, whenever you have a fraction of a moment. Repeat it aloud if possible, so that by the end of the day you would have said it many times. Conceive of these words as active, vital substances permeating your mind, sending into every area of your thinking a healing balm. This is the best known medicine for taking tension from the mind.”

One of the major reasons why people overstretch and overburdened themselves is because they are competing with others. If their friends buy a new car, they will do everything possible to buy the same car. If another friend relocates to an elite neighborhood, they will stretch themselves to the limit to live in that area too. If the children of their neighbours are in a secondary school where they pay N500,000 every term, they will enroll their children into that school too. Dear friend, if you continue this way, you will kill yourself one day!

There is only one person I compete with in this life, and that is me! Why should you borrow money from the bank to buy the house you cannot afford? Now the bank is after you and you cannot sleep at night. I teach success and I believe in success from the depth of my heart, but I don’t want to trade my health in exchange for success! Some men laboured all their lives to create wealth, but tension and pressure sent them to the cemetery. Today others are enjoying the wealth. If their wives are the type that jumps from one man to another, they will waste all the wealth in maintaining some playboys! Calm down! Compete with yourself! If you die today, the world won’t even notice it. Wisdom is profitable to direct!

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