Welcome to #RelationshipMatters on #InspireAfricaProject! There is nothing wrong in getting married to a rich man’s daughter. Some people did it and they are living in peace with their wives and in-laws. But if a condition is attached to the marriage based on the wealth of the man, what will you do?

This story will explain it better. “When John started his senior year at a major state university, he met a lady called Becky, also a senior. According to John, Becky was a delightful person. Not only was she attractive, she had many positive qualities. John saw her as sincere, down-to-earth, and intelligent.

John and Becky decided that Christmas holidays would be a good time for John to meet Becky’s parents. Becky’s father was the founder, owner, and manager of a highly successful meat-processing and packaging company. According to John, Becky’s folks were very pleasant people. They went out of their way to make him feel at home, and they made John feel wanted.bead advert

After a long Christmas day, Becky and her mom retired for the evening. Becky’s two sisters and their husband’s had already left for their nearby homes. That left John and Becky’s father sitting and talking in the den. Becky’s father was an American success story. He came from economic ground zero in terms of family background and education, but nevertheless he became a multimillionaire with his meat-processing business.

In terms of wealth, Becky’s dad thought he was the luckiest man in the world- he was “Mr. Meat” in that part of America. Becky’s dad assumed that every young man in America would want the opportunity to work for “Mr. Meat” and eventually have an equity position in the business.

Mr. Meat started his presentation with a leading question. “John, you and Becky are serious about getting together, aren’t you?” John admitted that he was serious about Becky. Then, for nearly two hours, Mr. Meat spoke nonstop.

First, he gave a verbal profile of his trials and tribulations. A big part of this presentation focused on “the opportunity” versus the long odds of anyone making it from ground zero to Mr. Meat status. John sat and listened politely to what seemed to be a well-rehearsed sales presentation, apparently the same one that Mr. Meat had made to the two young men who were now married to his other daughters.

Mr. Meat’s deal was more involved than just an employment opportunity. It was a proposal for a programmed lifestyle. John paraphrased in detail what Mr. Meat had proposed. It reads like a classified advertisement in the Wall Street Journal. It goes this way. “Mr. Meat, the owner of a highly successful, privately held meat-processing company, seeks qualified man to marry his daughter Becky. Becky must approve of the applicant who is selected…The applicant who is selected by Becky must further qualify in the regard to his employment. He must:The Untapped Treasures By Ifeanyi AC Eze

1. Willing to work for his father-in-law, Mr. Meat. The selected applicant will eventually be given the title of vice president. His duties will be assigned after the agreement and wedding take place. Salary will be generous and significantly above what recent college graduates with similar academic records receive.

2. Agreeable to living near Mr. Meat and his family and adjacent to Mr. Meat’s other married daughters and their husband’s. Applicant and his wife, Becky, will be given a home of their choosing.

3. Excited about the prospect of vacationing each summer with Mr. Meat and his entire family. The applicant and his family will have free and unlimited use of Mr. Meat’s luxury beach house. The applicant will receive a two-week summer vacation. He and his family are expected to spend all this time with Mr. Meat and his family…The applicant will join his family on weekends. Mr. Meat’s other daughters and their families will follow suit.

4. Willing to work closely with Mr. Meat and his two other sons-in-laws. The applicant will become a member of the executive committee headed by Mr. Meat. The applicant may be given some equity in the business, with the prospect of taking over when Mr. Meat retires. Details will be negotiated at some later date with Mr. Meat and his executives. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Becky’s hand will be given only to the applicant who accepts employment from Mr. Meat. Those unwilling need not apply.”- Thomas J. Stanley.

I have seen some young men whose heart desire is to marry a wealthy man’s daughter so that they won’t have to struggle to make money in life. I have nothing against them, after all, we all have the power to choose what we want in life. Probably, that’s why children from wealthy families marry people from wealthy and influential families too. Whether the people like themselves or not, they must maintain a family legacy.

If you were a man and this uncommon opportunity was presented to you by your future father-in-law, what will you do? I will share John’s reaction tomorrow, but before then, let’s know what you would have done. Remain ever lifted!

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  1. O.k speaking from a girl version that under went same proposition. I know my family is still struggling financially but am glad I didn’t take the offer. Yes truth be told;starting from the bottom to get to the billionaire status can be really overwhelming and exhausting but it’s worth the try especially when one’s personal ideology is been criticised by virtually everybody.

  2. I will accept the offer, If I don’t have a better option where I will be the c.e.o of my own company, after all the offer is full of luxury and free liberty .

  3. I would politely turn down the offer because I look at it as beautiful slavery. Becky would still be under her father’s wings & my life would equally be under his control. I would need to caution myself concerning every statement I make & her father could threaten to relieve me of my job & also evict me from his hands & I could still loose Becky & my marriage! If her Dad could make it from scratch so can I, it only takes time & proper planning when there is a vision.

  4. Well! I must confess that the offer is very tempting, enticing and hard to turn down. But a critical reconsideration of Mr Meat’s terms and conditions will reveal that He wants His family and company to live on after him(which is not bad) at the expence of another man’s destiny(which is bad).

    The implication here is that the applicant can never be like Mr. Meat, can never know what Mr. Meat knows, talkless of being better that Mr. Meat in any aspect of life because he would have denied himself the opportunity of working to devlop himself if he accepts. As such the applicant may not even be able to stand some trials in the company when Mr. Meat is away. What’s more, the applicant will live for Mr. Meat and may neither have the time to look into himself nor listen to His internal promptings because the conditions are really tight

    Above all, accepting the offer is equivalent to accepting Mr. Meat as his god.

    So for me, I will not accept except if there an undoubtable and express instruction from Almighty God to accept it because I still believe that marriage and destiny, for each person, should be determined by God even when it doesn’t suit us. Thank you.

  5. Father -in-law thank u sir 4 the offer bt i said no sir, just give me sometime i will be richer than you.


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