Welcome to Inspire Africa Project! The number one news in Nigeria today is economic challenges and the unsteady nature of foreign exchange. Most business men and women are afraid of bringing in goods because of the way foreign exchange fluctuates on daily basis. The prices of goods and services have already gone through the roof and many people are confused of what to do next.

Some have decided to be blaming the government every second which is good, but the only challenge is that blame game does not solve any problem. There are two kinds of people on earth; those who see problems and those who see new opportunities. While weaklings see insurmountable mountain as an obstacle, champions see it as a stepping stone to the top.

It is not what life throws at you that matters, it is what you do with it. Life can throw stones at you, but you can decide to construct your pathway to the top with it. The economy can throw uncertainty at you, but you can become an industrialist at the end of the day. History has shone that pacesetters, trailblazers and pathfinders usually rise in the midst of adversity!

Rosa Parks is celebrated globally today because she dared to challenge the challengers and led her people into freedom. The law was simple, if a black person is sitting in a bus and a white person needs that seat, you must get up. But Rosa Parks refused to get up for a white man which gave the black folks the confidence to protest for injustice.

That single act by Rosa Parks was what gave Martin Luther King Jr the confidence to rise and fight for the freedom of his people, and today, a black man (President Barack Obama) is occupying the white house! It was Rosa Parks’ boldness and audacity in the midst of adversity that triggered the whole thing.Road to Success Seminar

Joseph did not only face adversity, he fought with it for thirteen straight years. Jacob loved him so well that he made a special suit for him called the coat of many colours which signifies favour. To compound the matter, Joseph had a dream that showed he would rule over his siblings in future. From that day, his brothers hated him and began to look for ways to eliminate him.

One day the opportunity showed up, and Joseph moved from being the favourite son of his father to somebody’s property. All his challenges came with letter P! Firstly, his brothers dumped him into a dry pit. Snakes or other dangerous animals could have killed him there. Secondly, they sold him to slave merchant’s so that his dream would die a natural death without knowing that they were pushing him closer to his throne!

Just imagine yourself in that kind of situation. What will you do? Am sure some of us would believe that God has abandoned them or that they won’t amount to anything in this life anymore. The slave merchant’s displayed Joseph in the slave market, waiting for buyers. Many people priced Joseph but heaven did not allow them to buy him, rather a man that was connected to the palace called Portiphar bought him.

So Joseph the dreamer ended up as a piece of proper in the house of Portiphar (second P). When it seems as if Joseph was settling down in Portiphar’s house, the devil sent the madam of the house to negotiate for Joseph’s enviable destiny. Fortunately, Joseph was wise enough and refused to sell.

One day, the woman decided to sleep with him by force, removed Joseph’s clothes to see if he would change his mind, but Joe ran out of the house. The woman told her husband that Joseph wanted to rape her which took Joseph to the third P, prison! In the midst of all these challenges, Joseph never complained, rather he was always excited and ready to convert his adversity into opportunity!

Few weeks later, the prison warders made Joseph the leader of his co-prisoners. So even in the midst of adversity, the dream and destiny of Joseph was manifesting because he refused to give up. In the midst of that adversity, Joseph discovered that he had the gift of interpreting dreams and interpreted the dreams of strangers whom he later discovered were Pharaoh’s servants.

What he said came to pass and God made Pharaoh to have a dream that nobody could interpret which prompted them to look for a dream consultant called Joseph. He interpreted Pharaoh’s dream, proffered a solution to the dream he interpreted, and Pharaoh asked him to become the second in command in the whole of Egypt and the world at large as at that time!

So Joseph moved from Pit to Portiphar’s house, from there to the Prison, from there he went to meet with Pharoah and ended up in the Palace and became the Prime Minister! So three Ps (Pit, Portiphar’s house and Prison) gave birth to three Ps (Pharoah, Palace and Prime Minister) that turned Joseph’s adversity into opportunity!

At the end of the day, the same people that sold him to slavery and accused him wrongly bowed to him! That was when Joseph reminded them that they pushed him into adversity so that he could fulfill his destiny! “Joseph replied, “Don’t be afraid. Do I act for God? Don’t you see, you planned evil against me but God used those same plans for my good, as you see all around you right now—life for many people.”

Every negative situation is designed to promote some people. From tomorrow, I will show you the steps you must take to turn this economic challenges into an opportunity! Welcome to the world of unlimited possibilities! Keep soaring!


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