Welcome to Inspire Africa Project! The assignment of adversity is to advertise the city that is crying for expression inside you. Sometimes God will allow adversity to make where we are uncomfortable so that we can get up and get out of our comfort zones. Adversity is the advertising agency sent to advertise the greatness that God deposited in you!

Adversity does not appear like a friend, but it does what friends cannot do for you. Adversity makes the present condition unbearable so that you can move into a better future. Adversity is an unfriendly adviser, but if you listen to its advise, your speed will increase exponentially. Adversity is the bridge between obscurity and popularity. Between obscurity and popularity there is a bridge called adversity.

The moment an eaglet is becoming too comfortable in the nest, the mother eagle would do too things. First, it will place thorns and stones inside the nest and make it uncomfortable for the eaglet so that it can fly out. If the mother eagle discovers that the eaglet is still relaxing in the nest, it will move over to the second option.

The mother eagle will carry the eaglet on its back and fly to a very high altitude and remove its back. While the eaglet is falling, the mother eagle would be watching it closely and before it reaches the ground, the mama will pick it up. They will repeat this routine daily, and the moment the mother eagle removes its back and the eaglet stretches its wings and begins to fly, the training is over!

Anyone who sees them during this training might think that the mother eagle is wicked, but if it doesn’t do that, snake might kill the eaglet inside the nest one day. So when uncomfortable situations pay you a visit, it means that heaven wants to relocate you if you can corporate with the condition. Let us consider how to maximize uncomfortable situations.Road to Success Seminar1. Mind What You Say. Just like God created this world with His words, we create our own world with what we say. Words are seeds planted into the soil of the future, you will definitely reap the harvest one day. I know that it is normal for people to say all manner of things when situation like what we are facing in Nigeria shows up, but don’t be carried away.

Stop saying that the exchange rate has finished you because you’re actually giving the devil the weapon he would use to finish you. It’s very easy for those who are inside markets to sit around and lament about the present challenges, but you must remember that there is a day called tomorrow.

There are three things that creates the kind of world you live in. They are your mentality, your confession and your expectation! What you think and talk about all the time will be delivered at your doorstep one day. Stop giving the devil the ammunition to destroy your enviable destiny. The devil may not know what you are thinking in your heart until you say it.

That was how he captured Job. Job was always afraid that one day, something tragic would happen. And that day finally came, the devil paid him a calamitous visit, and everything he had were destroyed. That was when Job said; “The worst of my fears has come true.”

Mind what you nurse in your heart. Whatever you consistently say will be delivered at your doorstep one day. By the way, why do people say what they don’t want all the time? Instead of confessing what you don’t want to see around you, why not say the things you will love to see and have?

If you go back to the book of Genesis you will discover that God never paid attention to the unfavourable condition He saw, rather He said the things He wanted to see and they showed up. That’s why you will keep reading, AND GOD SAID, and at the end of the day, you will read, AND GOD SAW! You will definitely see what you consistently say all the time.The Entrepreneur

Instead of saying that this economy will send somebody to the village, kindly say that this economic situation will open new doors for you. Instead of saying things are hard, kindly say that this is the best time to be a Nigerian! Instead of saying that you’re stranded, kindly say that this is the best time for you to succeed. You are not actually denying the fact on ground, but you are saying what you want to see instead of accepting what the economic situation wants to give you.

One of the easiest ways to confess positively in the midst of challenges is to move away from negative discussions. Whenever somebody raises the issue, kindly reply with positive words. If the person continues in that line of discussion, kindly send him away or walk away. There are people who are agents of bad news, and their assignment is to weaken your faith and co-opt you into the congregation of negative speakers!

A man tested the power of words by planting two flowers which he labeled A and B. Every morning he would go to flower A and release blessings on it. After that he would go to flower B and baptize it with curses. He did it for about six months and discovered that while flower A was flourishing, flower B was stagnant!

Dear reader, kindly make a wise choice today. Say what you want to see even when the condition is unfavorable, and watch how things change around you. No wonder the Master said, “For assuredly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be removed and be cast into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that those things he says will be done, he will have whatever he says.”

My final advice is, before any word will proceed from your mouth in this season and even beyond, kindly ask yourself, will I like what am saying to happen in my life? Wisdom is profitable to direct. To be continued tomorrow. Keep soaring!


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