Welcome to #InspireAfricaProject! There are three stages of life I wouldn’t want you to forget the rest of your life. The first stage is called, Learning Years. This stage starts from age one and ends at age twenty-two. At this stage you are still living with your parents or guardians. And you’re probably still in school or you’re serving as an apprentice somewhere. The challenge we have is that most young people usually remain at this stage the rest of their lives.

I want to announce to any teenager who is not yet running with a vision or have not discovery his or her assignment on earth that you’re already late in the race of life! No wonder we have millions of late comers across Africa who are still behaving like babies. At age fourteen you should have found out what God created you to do and start working towards it. If you discover your assignments early in life, you will definitely make news before age thirty!15 Laws of Money

The second stage is called Earning Years. It begins at age twenty-three ends at fifty-five. This is the most important stage of your life. If you fail to construct rugged foundations that will sustain you when you get old at this stage, get ready to beg in future. Anytime you see an old man whose hair is as white as wool hawking bottled water and soft-drinks on the traffic, you’re possibly looking at a man who failed to lay a financial foundation during his Earning years! Unless he was sick or bedridden. Why should you be begging at seventy? Even if everybody abandoned you in this world you have over thirty years to prepare for old age!

The last stage is called the Yearning Years. It starts from age fifty-six and ends in your grave. During this season, you will no longer be as strong as you are right now. This period is an uncommon opportunity given to you by God to make contributions to humanity instead of labouring for what to eat, wear, drive and where to live! You can still work at this stage, but it’s not necessarily to make money, but to keep yourself busy. Dear friend, which category do you belong to?

In my book, The Entrepreneur, I revealed that Africa is one of the most youthful continents in the world and growing younger every day. “About 41 percent of African population is under the age of 15. This compared with 33 percent for India, 28 percent for Brazil, and 20 percent for China. Whereas much of the developed world is worried about a birth dearth, Africa is worried about population explosion.”

This analysis shows that if the population of Africa is one billion, about 410 million people are under the age of 15! If you now add those who are in their Earning Years, you will discover that over 600 million Africans are youths! Now the question is, what are the plans of this army of youths? Why is Africa still underdeveloped since the greater percentage of her citizens did not witness colonization, rather they were born when the world became a global village through the power of internet?The Entrepreneur

The number one problem of our youths is the belief that they are still young. That’s why twenty-five years old fathers are still comfortable in their parents’ houses. In fact, their parents are still giving them weekly or monthly allowance and they are not ashamed to depend on people who should depend on them by now.

Why should our youths hang around on the streets on daily basis? Why should young people spend a large chunk of their time discussing irrelevant things like the latest music, latest fashion, the best footballer, how to get a new babe or guy and other mundane matters? Why are some youths sold out to philistine decadence? Why are we comfortable in a mess?

Dear young man, what are you doing with your life? Why do you want to become a liability to both humanity and Divinity? Why are you talking about sex, drugs and alcohol when you should be busy generating uncommon results that will transform Africa?

Anytime I speak in youth conferences, the first question they usually ask is; “Sir, there are no jobs and our leaders are selfish and corrupt. Instead of using our common wealth to create jobs, they are sharing it among themselves. So what can we possibly do in this kind of situation?”

My answer is simple, there is no nation where government make money for its people. There is no nation where government help their citizens to discover and maximize their potentials. The highest thing your government can do for you is to create a condusive environment for people to thrive, outside that, you’re on your own! Blame game will always stifle your enviable destiny. Stop looking for whom to blame and take full responsibility for your life.The untapped Treasures

Sometime ago, an elderly woman called me to lament about her son who was having challenges in getting his documents in school after graduation. The Mama almost cried on the phone before I talked sense into her. I said to her, why have you refused to allow your son to take responsibility for his life? I told her to stop pampering an old man who should be having a family by now! For the first time she calmed down and understood clearly what I meant.

Parents should stop breastfeeding their children for ever. As early as age five, you should start showing them how to take responsibilty for their lives. Dear youths, it’s time to stop behaving like mommy’s boys and girls and start the journey of life as early as possible. Stop hanging around in life! Please make your life count. If you fail to take full responsibility for your life you may die as a liability!

Dr. David Oyedepo said, “If you think you are still a kid you’re kidding, and you may end up in the kitchen.” If you rise early, you will shine early too. Initiate that business idea that usually pop-up in your mind. Take that exam, make that enquiry, step out of your cocoon and soar! Don’t forget to flow with the right company because who you follow determines what follows you. If you flow with visionary friends who wants to take over the world, you will end up that way. But if you flow with loafers, you will end up as a loaf of bread!

Martin Luther King Jr said, “If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” Dear friend, God did not create you to come to the earth, occupy space and then die. You are here for a serious business and you must start NOW! To learn more on this subject, kindly order for some of our books like; The Entrepreneur, The Untapped Treasures, Increasing Your Capacity for Exploits and 15 Laws of Money. Call Godwin on 07032681154. Keep soaring!

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