Welcome to #InspireAfricaProject! One of the wonderful things God did for me is the ability to mind my business and stay on my lane. When others are running around, I stay calm. Apart from the spiritual dimension of Christmas, nothing else moves me. I have learned not to be unnecessarily agitated for something that does not matter.

I have some questions for you today. Is there any difference between Christmas clothes and February clothes? Is there any special thing attached to the shoes and wrist watches you will buy during Christmas period and the ones you’ll buy in May? If I decide to buy clothes in March will it be inferior to the ones you are rushing to buy now? Is there any difference between the cars you want to buy now and the one I will buy in April? Is there any special effect that is attached to the things we buy now than the ones we buy at other times?

Does traveling to the village during Christmas have any special effect? Well, some people will say that Christmas period is the best time to see the people you have not seen for a long time. I actually agree with you, but must you borrow money just for the sake of seeing people? Are they God? Why should you borrow the money you don’t have just for the sake of travelling to the village to see yeyecious masquerade?covers-book-1

Dear friend, it’s possible that you’re about to go to the market right now for the sake of buying Christmas stuff with the money you would have used to purchase a plot of land somewhere. It’s possible that you just borrowed N100,000 from your friend for the sake of buying Christmas stuff and forget that January is around the corner, and you must pay back the money. While you should be thinking about your children school fees, you will be scrambling to pay back the money you spent on liability, not asset.

Am not against travelling to the village this season, or going to the market with N1 million to buy Christmas stuff. If you have the money kindly buy the whole Nigeria, I don’t care. You can even buy five cars to celebrate this Christmas. One for yourself, one for your wife, and one each for your three children as long as you have the money. But if you don’t have the money, kindly stay on your lane. There are three things you must do this season if you want to cross over to January 2017 without stress.

1. Don’t Compete With Others. God created us differently because He doesn’t want us to behave and think the same way. You’re different. Live your own life your own way as long as it doesn’t offend God. Competition kills. Probably your friend bought hair extension for N300,000 and you are about to borrow some money to buy the same thing. As a young man, your friend just bought a brand new car for N10 million, and you’re about to sell your property to purchase a liability.covers-book-3

You did not want to travel home this Christmas, but while talking to all your friends, you discovered that you’re the only one that will not be traveling, so right now, you’re preparing for emergency journey. Stop that nonsense now! Maybe your friend will officially open his new mansion in the village this Christmas, and you’re about to start building your own without calculating whether you have the money or not.

If you want to live long in this life, you must mind your business. Celebrate with those who are celebrating, but stay on your lane. Don’t compete with anybody. I made up my mind years ago to stay on my lane and compete with myself. You bought car fine, I will celebrate with you and move on. You just built a mansion, I will celebrate with you, and stay on my lane. Why? Because everybody will not build a house, others will buy houses!

2. Forget Ostentatious and Peackockish Lifestyle? The only thing that makes me angry during festive season like Christmas is the show of material stuff in the village. Some people will deliberately travel to the village to show others that they have arrived. They move around like a peacock and throw money around so that they can be hailed.

Everyone that behaves like that is a poor man. Mr. Bill Gates, the richest man on earth uses one car and looks very simple. He doesn’t go about bragging about his wealth or move in a convoy of ten cars. Bill Gates don’t have to tell you that he is rich because you know that he is wealthy. So anyone who is trying very hard to prove to everybody that he is rich is actually a poor man.

If you’re rich, we will see your industries, your products, and the number of staff you employed. Not moving about with three tokumbo cars in the village and keep making noise everywhere. Stop trying hard to show that you are wealthy because you are not. Cars are toys. Clothes will wear out. Mansions will go out of fashion. If you doubt what am saying, when you get to your village this season, go and see those mansions that were built in the 80s and 90s, and you will understand what am talking about. Stop ostentatious lifestyle. Stop throwing money around because you are a poor man!covers-book-2

3. Plan For 2017. What is your plan for next year? Life does not end during Christmas, January is almost here. What is your financial plan? What is your career plan? What is your family plan? What is your spiritual plan? What will you do differently in 2017? What will you do to supersede all your past achievements in 2017? How will you pay your children school fees? What steps will you take to become a landlord instead of a tenant next year? As usual, I will do a series of how to plan for 2017 in few days time. Wisdom is profitable to direct!

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