Welcome to #LeadershipLessons on #InspireAfricaProject! Today, as never before, our society is experiencing a pressing need for leadership. This need for leadership can be felt in our homes, in our business organizations, in our private and public associations, and most important, in governments. We need leadership more than ever before. And we especially need leadership that can take us into the future. We need people who have vision, who have courage, people with the ability to chart a new course and break new grounds.

The problem with Nigeria and Africa in general is not where it is situated, famine, or any other external factor, it is lack of quality leadership. Nigeria should not be talking about economic recession if we have leaders who can travel into the future with the eyes of the mind, return to the present and build a ladder to translate what they saw into reality. Once you have selfish, self-centered, sectional and feudal lords who see leadership position as a means of amassing senseless wealth, and dealing with political enemies, they will underdeveloped great nations and organizations.

Leaders are made, not born. Nobody comes into this world as a natural leader. Although you might have leadership traits, but to become an exceptional leader, you must make up your mind to learn the necessary skills. The starting point of becoming an exceptional leader is to begin thinking about the leaders you know, who you admire, and emulate their positive behaviours.12-Pillars-pillars-of-success

The study of great leaders of the past and present is one of the fastest and surest ways to develop leadership qualities. The more you study what constitutes effective leadership, the more likely you will be to internalize the same values and behaviors. These values and behaviors will then be externalized in your actions and in your results. Great leaders are not ashamed to learn from others. In fact, they usually have people that mentored them.

“The story of Alexander the Great is instructive for anyone who aspires to a high leadership position. By the age of fifteen, Alexander was convinced that it was his destiny to conquer the entire known world. He had a vision of uniting all mankind in a common brotherhood. With Aristotle as his teacher, he studied and prepare himself for many years.

He learned military arts from his father and his father’s best general. He saw himself as a great king and had an unshakable belief in his ability to achieve any goal he ever set for himself. Alexander was brilliant in both administration and execution. He showed great judgement in delegating, and appointed the right officers in the right position at the right time. He was able to plan, organize, think through, and execute brilliantly.

At the Battle of Arbela, he led his 50,000 men in a full frontal assault on the one million-strong Persian army and routed them. He never entertained the possibility of defeat. He trusted completely in himself, in his men, and in their ability to overcome any difficulty, no matter how great the odds against them.

Alexander, like all great leaders, had the ability to organize his men and inspire them to exceed anything they had ever done before. He had the ability to concentrate on his strengths and to focus on the critical areas that were essential for victory. His life and history are an example of the blending together of all great leadership qualities that have been identified in almost every study on the subject.”~ Brian Tracy and Peter Chee.15 Laws of Money

This powerful story illustrates in clear terms how anyone can become an exceptional leader. First, Alexander the Great had the vision of uniting the world. Great leaders are great dreamers. In most cases, it is the passion to actualize a dream that turns ordinary individuals to exceptional leaders. A leader without a vision will end up as a wanderer on earth.

Secondly, he engaged in serious training to match the vision. He went to Aristotle to drink from his fountain of wisdom. He went to an exceptional general to understudy his secrets. He was not ashamed to learn from others. He may have been better placed than them, but he humbled himself to learn. To become an exceptional leader you must become a lifetime student. Nobody wakes up and become great, greatness demands process.Inspire Africa Project

To execute his vision, he employed brilliant people to help him out. He focused on his strength and hired people to do the rest. That’s how to become an exceptional leader. If you want to be well grounded on Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Real Estate, Public Speaking and Ministry, kindly visit and enroll into Uncommon Wisdom Academy. We have both online and offline packages. See you at the top!

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