Welcome to #InspireAfricaProject! It is said that between 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts flood our thoughts each day! That’s between 35 to 48 thoughts per minute. It simply shows that every year, between 18 million to 25 million thoughts flood our minds! We are containers of thoughts. There is an uncontrollable traffic of thoughts that flood our minds daily.

Your entire life would have been completely transformed by now if these thoughts were edifying and inspiring. There are two broadcasting stations that are always fighting to control your thoughts on daily basis. The interesting thing is that they cannot control your though without your permission. They cannot operate unless you give them the permission. You may not know it, but they are at work in your mind right now.

What are the names of these broadcasting stations? Your mind is a mental broadcasting station. This broadcasting system transmits messages to you on two equally powerful channels: Channel P (positive) and Channel N (negative).

Let’s see how your broadcasting system works. “Suppose that today your business superior (we will call him Mr. Jacobs) called you into his office and reviewed your work with you. He complimented you on your work, but he also made some specific suggestions on how you can do it better.

Tonight it’s only natural for you to recall the incident and do some thinking about it. If you tune in Channel N, the announcer will be saying something like this: “Watch out! Jacobs is out to get you. He’s a crab. You don’t need any of his advice. To heck with it.

Remember what Joe told you about Jacobs? He was right. Jacobs wants to grind you down just like he did Joe. Resist him. Next time he calls you in, fight back. Better still, don’t wait. Tomorrow go in and ask him just what he really meant by his criticism…”

But tune in Channel P, and the announcer will say something along these line: “You know, Mr. Jacobs is a pretty good fellow. Those suggestions he made to me seem pretty sound. If I put them to use, I can probably do a better job and position myself for an increase. The old boy did me a favor. Tomorrow I’ll go in and thank him for his constructive help. Bill was right: Jacobs is a good man to work with…”

In this specific case, if you listen to Channel N, you’re almost certain to make some bad, perhaps fatal mistake in your relationship with your superior. But if you are tuned to Channel P, you are definitely certain to benefit from your superior’s suggestions and at the same time draw yourself closer to him. He will appreciate that visit. Try it and see.

Bear in mind that the longer you stay tuned to either Channel P or Channel N, the more interested you become and the harder it is to switch channels. This is true because one thought, positive or negative, sets off a whole chain reaction of similar thought.15 Laws of Money

You may, for example, start off with such a simple minor negative thought as a person’s accent and find yourself soon thinking negatively about such unrelated topics as his political and religious beliefs, the car he drives, his personal habits, his relationship with his wife, even the way he combs his hair. And thinking this way surely won’t get you where you want to go in life.

You own it, so manage your thought broadcasting station. When your thoughts turn to people, make Channel P your listening habit. If Channel N cuts in, say stop. Then switch channels. To make the switch, all you must do is think of one positive quality about the individual. In true chain reaction style, this one thought will lead to another and another. And you will be glad.

When you’re alone, you and only you can decide whether you will listen to Channel P or Channel N. But when you are talking with someone else, that person has a measure of control over how you think.”~Inspired by David J. Schwartz.

We must remember that most people do not understand the concept of thinking right toward people. So it’s a very common experience for people to come rushing to you, just aching to say something negative about a person you both know: a co-worker wants to tell you about the objectionable qualities of another employee; a neighbor wants to let you know the domestic problems of another neighbor; or a customer wants to itemize the faults of his competitor, whom you will call on next.

Thoughts breeds like thoughts. There is real danger that if you listen to negative comments about another person, you too will go negative toward that person. In fact, if you are not on guard, you may actually find yourself adding fuel to the fire with “Yes, and that’s not all. Did you hear…” type of comment. These things backfire, in fact it boomerangs.12-Pillars-pillars-of-success

Few years ago, I made up my mind not to engage in character assassination. I made up my mind to see the positive side of everybody. It’s not usually easy because naturally, almost every human being loves to hear gossips and negative assertions.

But I use this strategy; anytime someone comes up with negative comments about another person, I usually reply with the good things the person is doing! Why? Because I want my relationship with people to be cordial. In fact, at a time, I stopped listening to anything that sounds like gossip. The moment you bring up the topic that looks like character assassination, I will tell you to stop immediately!

There are two ways to prevent others from switching you from Channel P to Channel N. One way is to switch topics as quickly as possible with some remarks like, “Pardon me, John, but while I think of it, I’ve been meaning to ask you so and so…” A second way is to excuse yourself with a “Sorry, John, I’m late now, thanks for coming around.” Or “I have a deadline to meet. In fact I have a deadline to send my new book to my publisher.”

Make a forceful promise to yourself and God that you’re no longer going to allow Channel N to control your life. Refuse to let others prejudice your thinking. Stay tuned to Channel P. Once you have mastered the technique of thinking only good and edifying thoughts about people and your destiny, greater success is guaranteed!

Let me be honest with you, if you can make it a habit to always tune in to Channel P, those millions of thoughts that floods your mind annually will be well channeled. Inside those millions of thoughts there ideas for writing books, designing a house, creating your own product, proposing to a colleague, going into partnership, establishing your own company, meeting international investors, going for holiday, loving your spouse more, raising Godly children, becoming a politician to liberate your people, and many other destiny shaping thoughts!

Millions of ideas that flood our minds annually are not utilized because we are either tuned to a wrong channel that never allow us to see the viability of the ideas, or because we failed to document them. I usually tell anyone I see anywhere in the world to have what I call Idea Diary!

Never allow an idea to escape from today. Write them down. I usually pull over to write down the ideas or I dictate it to anyone close to me so that I will not forget it. Do you want to know more about how to turn your ideas into wealth? Join me at Inspire Africa Project Conference on the 30th July, 2017, at Villa Park hotel, Amuwo Odofin, Lagos. We will start at exactly 12:30PM. For further details, kindly check the handbill below, or call Godwin on 07032681154. See you at the top!

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