DAY 61 IN 2016!

Am sure by now some of us know that my views on issues are always different because God gave us brain so that He can have rest! I believe that every day is the same unless you’re a star gazer or those who use occultic power to read days and months. Every day is a wonderful gift from God, but what I do with the gift is purely my business. I can decide to sleep from morning to night and declare wonderful things on myself on the first day of every month.

For example, If I woke up this morning and write that in this month of March, you will match forward, many people will shout (write) a very big ameeen! But after the amen, what next? I strongly believe in God’s blessing, breakthrough and favour, but I also know that God is not a magician! Isn’t it surprising that nations that doesn’t know God succeed more than most African countries? Am not sure the Chinese will claim anything today, but some of us that claim heaven and earth on the first day of every month will still travel to China to purchase their products.

Until we understand that on the very day God created us, He gave us His nature and deposited creative ability in us to make the world a better place, we will never move forward. Your daily activities are the mirror of your future. The decisions you make today will become the foundation that will sustain your tomorrow. If you started saving N1,000 from the first day of January, by now you will have N61,000. If you started saving N5000 by now you will have N305,000!

If you started reading four chapters of the Bible daily from the first day of January, by now you would have read 244 chapters; which should be around 2nd Samuel chapter 18! One of our major challenges in this clime is believing that one day God will perform magic and we will suddenly become rich without knowing that our daily choices, decisions and actions determine our future results.

I strongly believe that the person who has a wonderful strategy for his life will always attract divine assistance faster. If you can come to World Changer’s Conference this Sunday (6th March by 11am) and listen to Work Ethics 101, Success Zones (how to discover wealth creation opportunities), The Power of Focus and Road to Success, there is no reason why this year will be like last year!

God has blessed us with everything we will ever need in life, but it demands structure to manifest in the physical realm because it is a spiritual blessing! The venue for the conference is Villa Park hotel, Festac link road, in-between Apple Junction and second rainbow bus stop Lagos. Admission is N2,000. If you’re coming in a group of five or more people, you will get a special discount. Account details; King’s Uncommon Wisdom Limited. 0141855113. GTBank. For more information kindly call, 07032681154. Welcome to the world of unlimited possibilities! Twitter: @KingIfeanyiEze @InspireAfricaP.


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