Welcome to #InspireAfricaProject! One of the things I refuse to do in this life is to spiritualize what is obvious. The devil is not responsible for every challenge we are facing in life, we caused some of them! You can bind ancestral spirits the rest of your life, but if you don’t know what to do to grow your business, you will keep investing in anointing water and prayer cloth.

It’s very easy to lay hands on a lady and command every spirit husband that is preventing her from getting married to die, but if that lady fails to deal with her character flaws, especially her attitude, she will remain single the rest of her life. No matter the number of mustered seeds she eats, or the bottles of anointing oil she drinks, it will be difficult for her to get married unless she deals with the character that drives men away!

Kindly learn a lesson from this powerful story Norman Vincent Peale shared. “I interviewed a lady a number of years ago. She made an appointment to see me in my office at two o’clock on a certain afternoon. Being quite busy that day, I had gotten a little behind schedule, and it was about five minutes after two when I walked into the conference room where she was waiting. It was obvious that she was displeased for her lips were pressed firmly together.Uncommon Wisdom Academy

“It’s five minutes after two, and we had an appointment at two PM” she said. “I always admire promptness.” “So do I. I always believe in being prompt, and I hope you will forgive me for my unavoidable delay,” I said with a smile. But she was not in a smiling mood, for she said cripsly, “I have a very important problem to present to you and I want an answer, and I expect an answer.” Then she shot at me: “I might as well put it to you bluntly. I want to get married.” “Well,” I replied, “that is a perfectly normal desire and I should like to help you.”

“I want to know why I can’t get married,” she continued. “Every time I form a friendship with a man, the next thing I know he fades out of the picture and another chance is gone by, and,” she added, speaking frankly, “I am not getting any younger. You conduct a personal-problem clinic to study people and you have had some experience, and I am putting my problem right up to you. Tell me, why can’t I get married?”

I studied her to see if she was the kind of person to whom one could speak frankly, for certain things had to be said if she really meant business. Finally I decided that she was of big enough caliber to take the medicine that would be required if she was to correct her personality difficulties, so I said, “Well, now, let’s analyze the situation. Obviously you have a good mind and a fine personality, and, if I may say so, you are a very beautiful lady.”

I said, “I think that I see your difficulty and it is this. You took me to task because I was five minutes late for our appointment. You were really quite severe with me. Has it ever occurred to you that your attitude represents a pretty serious fault? I think a husband would have a very difficult time if you checked him up that closely all the time. In fact, you would so dominate him that, even if you did marry, your marital life would be unsatisfactory. Love cannot live under domination.”

Then I said, “You have a firm way of pressing your lips together which indicates a domineering attitude. The average male, I might as well tell you, does not like to be dominated. Then I added, I think you would be a very attractive person if you get those too-firm lines out of your face.

Then I observed her dress, which was obviously quite expensive, but she didn’t wear it very well, and so I said, “This may be a bit out of my line, and I hope you won’t mind, but perhaps you could get that dress to hand a little better.” I know my description was awkward, but she was a good sport about it and laughed right out loud.

Then I suggested, “Perhaps it might help to get your hair fixed up a little. It’s a little floaty. Then you might also add a little sweet-smelling perfume-just a whiff of it. But the really important thing is to get a new attitude that will change the lines on your face and give you that indefinable quality known as spiritual joy. Then I am certain will release charm and loveliness in you.” “Well, she busted out, “Never did I expect to get this combination of advice in a minister’s office. I Will try it.”

A number of years went by and I had forgotten her. Then in a certain city, after making a speech, a very lovely looking lady with a fine-looking man and a little boy about ten years of age came up to me. The lady asked smilingly, “Well, how do you think it hangs?” “How do I think what hangs?” I asked, puzzled. “My dress,” she said. “Do you think it hangs right?” Bewildered, I said, “Yes I think it hangs right, but just why do you ask?” “Don’t you know me?” she asked. “I see a great many people in my life,” I said. “Frankly, no, I don’t think I have ever seen you before.”

Then she reminded me of our talk of many years ago. “Meet my husband and my little boy. What you told me was absolutely true,” she said very earnestly. “I was the most frustrated, unhappy individual imaginable when I came to see you, but I put into practice the principles you suggested. I really did, and they worker.” Her husband then spoke up and said, “There was never a sweeter person in the world than Mary hered.”

That lady would have remained single the rest of her life if she didn’t change her negative attitude. The same thing applies to men. Some young men are struggling to marry because of their negative attitude. That you’re a man doesn’t mean every young lady will run after you. If you dress shabbily and equally talk to any lady you see in a disrespectful manner, you will remain single for life. Some of the things we blame the devil for are actually our own making. If you can sit down to study why you’re not yet married, am sure you will see how you contributed to it! Wisdom is profitable to direct!

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