Welcome to #KingdomManna on #InspireAfricaProject! One of the wisest things you can do for yourself is to know who you are and what you stand for. It’s after this honest personal evaluation that real life begins. Otherwise you may be living a lie. It’s important that we look into our lives and know where we stand. Yes we are not yet perfect, but there are deliberate acts we must deal with right now or they might deal with us one day.

I heard the story of a man who claimed to be a dedicated Christian. One day, he was standing by the roadside blowing his life away with a stick of cigarette, and his pastor suddenly met him. The moment he saw the pastor, he put the stick of cigarette with his fingers into his pocket and said to his pastor; “Pastor, you are welcome. The Lord bless you.”

The pastor knew he had something in his hand, so he refused to leave and prolonged the discussion. The cigarette fire began to burn his pair of trousers, and his body. At a point he couldn’t bear it any longer and he screamed for help!

Some people have made lies their number one hubby on earth. Their appearance is a lie, their certificate is a lie, their face is a lie, their words are lies, everything about them are pure lies. What kind of life is that?img-20161022-wa002

Some people went into the university with the result of an examination they never sat for. They came out of the university with a certificate they did not earn legitimately, and equally lied about their age in order to go for National Youth Service! The danger is that, everything about your academics are lies!

Imagine a lady who lied to a man that she was 30 years old when the husband met her, although her real age was 35 years! So she is three years older than the man, and now they are praying for the fruit of the womb on top of that heavy lie. The very day you will die, your husband will be saying you died at fifty, and your parents will be saying you died at fifty-five. So even in death, you’re still lying.

Imaging a young man who just lied to the lady he wants to marry that he is the chairman of Access Bank Plc while in reality, he is an Okada man. He is probably using his friends car to prove to the lady that he is actually whom he said he is, not knowing that if you tell one lie, you need other lies to back it up. And the danger is that all the lies will soon start fighting against each other.

An armed robbery gang stopped a man of God one day on his way to the airport. The man of God told them whom he was and mentioned the name of the servant of God he went to see. Guess what? One of the robbers said; “So you know that man of God? He is our daddy. He is our pastor!” After saying that, he went ahead to rob the man of God! So we have armed robbers in churches who pretends to be saints too.Inspire Africa Project

When a baby is killed through abortion, look at the number of people who took part in it. The young man who impregnated the lady and gave her money to terminate the baby is a murderer. The lady who got pregnant and decided to abort the baby has shed innocent blood. The bad friend who advise her to go for abortion has shed innocent blood too. The doctor who did the dilation and curettage (D & C) is guilty. The nurse who stood by him is guilty. The theatre attendant who gave the doctor the forceps, and knew what he was doing is guilty also. That’s what I call corporate iniquity!

There are many people like that in the Kingdom. You must understand that the very day you chose to become a Christian you provoked the devil, and he is angry with you. If you are enjoying iniquity and pretending to be a Christian, God is angry with you too! The danger is, God is not on your side, and Satan is not on your side either.

Identify who you are today because to stay in the middle of the road is dangerous. You might be killed by vehicles that are coming from both sides of the road! You must understand that this discussion is not designed to judge anybody, but I want us to be honest with both ourselves, humanity and Divinity. Declare your stand. Are you for the devil or God?img-20161022-wa002

A young lady paid some people to sit for every examination she ever partake in. She paid to someone to take the Senior Secondary School Examination for her, paid another person to sit for Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) examination for her, paid another set of people to study on her behalf at the university while she kept jumping from one man to another.

One faithful day, Jesus Christ arrested her. She surrendered completely to Jesus Christ and vowed to start life afresh. As at that time, she was a 300 year student and have never attended class. Those she paid to do it were at the stage in the university on her behalf.

The moment she surrendered her life to Christ, she went back and sat for the Senior Secondary School Examination, sat for JAMB, and then got admission to start afresh in the university by herself. She decided to stop lying to herself, and amended her ways. Dear friend, that is the true meaning of Christianity. Kindly declare your stand today!

If you want to surrender your life to Jesus Christ like that lady, you can do it wherever you are right now. Just place your hand on your heart and say this powerful prayer very loud.

“Lord Jesus Christ, come into my heart. Am sorry for my sins, I declare today that You died, rose back to life, and ascended into heaven. I declare today that You are my Lord and personal Savior. Am born again, in Jesus Matchless name. Amen!”
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