Welcome to #InspireAfricaProject! Several years ago, a man bought a piece of artwork from someone for just $2.39 cents and he didn’t actually know what to do with it. So one day he called the museum and informed them about the artwork, and they told him to bring it to their office. He went to the museum and discovered that what he had was a treasure. He ended up selling it for $11 million!

What happened? The owner of the piece of artwork did not know the value of what he had, and ended up selling it for peanut. That’s how some of us are selling the treasures we have for nothing because we don’t know the value. If you know the real value of what God deposited in you on the day He formed you, you would have become a millionaire by now.

Anytime I see a young lady who stands by the roadside to sell herself to men, I usually feel very sad. If that lady knows the treasures that are crying for expressing on the inside of her, she will never donate her body to men for few thousands of Naira. But because she doesn’t know her value, she devalued herself, and ended up as a prostitute.

Anytime I visit the prison and see the handiwork of the prisoners, I usually wonder why they committed the crime that brought them into the prison in the first place. One gave me a beautiful set wooden plates that can be sold anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, their inability to discover their real worth led them to crime, which eventually prepared a room for them in the prison.

I believe that the greatest tragedy on earth is to die without discovering and unleashing the treasures that God deposited in you on the day He created you. No one was created to be poor, it is our inability to discover what we have that has turned potential millionaires into beggars.

In case you don’t know, your are a great person. You’re supernaturally wired to reign, to rule, to dominate your territory and to become a news maker. But it takes the discovery of who you are to get there. To know your real value, you must pay attention to the following:

1. Discover The Treasures God Deposited on The Inside of You. If you have read my book, The Untapped Treasures, you would have discovered that it’s not really difficult to discover your own treasures. Just take a good look at yourself, pick up your pen and paper, and begin to analyze yourself.

Ask yourself these questions; what kind of profession and personality attracts you the most? Lawyers, engineers, authors, speakers, actors, dancers, broadcasters, entrepreneurs, comedians, computer scientists, writers, ministers of God, politicians, industrialists, scientists, architects, or leaders? The kind of profession or personality that attracts you the most is a pointer to what you’re pregnant with. Like attracts like. We attract our kind.The untapped Treasures

Secondly, discover the area you can flow freely. What are the things you can do effortlessly? Michael Jordan would not have become a star if he chose to become a footballer. But by choosing the area he flow freely, he became one the best basketball players in the history of the game. Can you imaging Lionel Messi playing basketball or functioning as a goalkeeper? He would have ended up as a local champion. But by locating where he can flow freely, he has become one of the best footballers in human history. Find where you can flow freely and stay there.

Thirdly, discover what you can do forever even if there is no monetary compensation. That thing you do that gives you unimaginable joy even when nobody is paying you for it can be converted into your profession as long as it is good and legal. Your wealth and exploits are tied to what you can do very well that gives you uncommon joy. Find it, and stay with it. If you truly want to discover your treasures, kindly order for some of my books like, The Untapped Treasures, Increasing Your Capacity for Exploits, and Twelve Pillars of Financial Success. Call 07032681154.

2. Refine That Treasure. After discovering your treasure, you must refine it. If you see diamond in its raw state, I’m not sure you will ever buy it. But when it is refined, it becomes a treasure everybody would like to buy. Same thing is applicable to your treasures.

If you found out that your treasure is the ability to design clothes, kindly enroll into a good fashion school, or serve as an apprentice to someone so that you can sharpen yourself. If you found out that yours is sports, kindly join an academy to develop yourself in that area. If you found out that yours is entrepreneurship or public speaking, you can visit www.uncommonwisdomacademy or call Godwin on 07032681154 and meet professionals who will help you to refine your treasure.

You must understand that talent is given to you by God, but skill is acquired through training. Nobody will pay you for raw talent, but when you transform it into a skill that can solve problem for people, they will happily pay you for it. There are highly talented people who are poor and unknown because they failed to convert their treasure into a problem solving skill. Don’t tell me how great your talent is, show me the problems it can solve!

3. Give It A World Class Packaging. While growing up in the village, there was this elderly man that can make you laugh from morning to night. I remember that we used to follow the man around anytime we saw him just to make us laugh. Unfortunately, he did not know that humor was a treasure that needed to be refined, packaged and sold. He died without creating wealth from that gold mine.

I respect comedians for one thing, their ability to package comedy as a product, and creatively sell it to us by organizing shows, and anchoring events for individuals and organizations. Years ago, if someone says that he is a comedian, nobody would take him serious. But it’s no longer like that today. They have succeeded in turning humor into business. Every talent or gifting can be packaged. All you need is to think of how to creatively do that.

4. Build A Business Around It. The moment you discover that treasure, kindly build a business around it. Whenever young people tell me that they couldn’t get a job, I usually tell them to find what they can do very well, and build a business around it. Just give it a world class packing and turn it into business.

I discovered that the very day I saw speaking as a business, I took it very serious. That was the day my life changed forever. I used to do it for free, but now individuals and organizations pay serious money for it. There is a business side to every calling, gifting and talent. Find it, register it as an organization, get an office and furnish it if you can, print business cards, and use social media to sell it to the world. On the 30th of July, 2017, at Villa Park hotel, Amuwo Odofin, Lagos, I will be speaking extensively on this subject. There will be three life changing sessions starting from 12:30PM. It’s on a Sunday, so everybody should endeavor to come. The topics are; Becoming A 21st Century Business Leader, Marketing and Sales Strategies, and Building a Successful Brand in the Entertainment Industry. For more information, kindly call Godwin on 07032681154. See you at the top!

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