Welcome to #InspireAfricaProject! To become a pacesetter in your generation you must be audacious. To win the battles of life you must be bold and courageous. To become a reference point in your generation you must resist the temptation of giving up when it seems as if nothing is working. To become a star in your field, you must be ready to face the fires of life and conquer them! Greatness is not sold in any market, there is a price for it!

“Frederick the Great of Prussia united all the smaller kingdoms of Germany for the first time. He was one of only a few people to be known as “the Great” in his lifetime. His strategy was simple: Whenever he met the enemy, no matter how great their numbers, he attacked. If you were an enemy force facing Frederick of Prussia when he discovered you, he would attack. If he had 10,000 men and you had 70,000, he would attack you. His motto was “L’audace, l’audace, toujours l’audace,”- Audacity, audacity, always audacity.

Of course, he lost many battles, but he won the critical ones. He created the powerful kingdom of Prussia and was one of the foremost rulers of his day. Other leaders knew that if they challenged him, he would always attack with all his force to defeat them. As a result, no rival king or general would challenge him in his later years.”- Brian Trace and Peter Chee.img-20161022-wa002

Life is not a play ground, it is a war zone. Those who play safe will at best end up as an average. One of my favourite quotations is, “Act boldly and unseen forces will come to your aid.” You cannot accomplish great feat if you are too afraid to leave your comfort zone. Impossibility is a mirage. It is actually nothing. Impossibility grows when you are too afraid to step out. Impossibility grows when you pay too much attention to it, instead of seeing possibility.

Many people are completely stranded in life because they experienced failure and became failures in life. I know someone whom custom officers seized his goods in 1984, and he is still mourning that incident till today. For 32 straight years, this man has remained a compete failure because he experienced a temporal setback.

You must understand that nobody is interested in your stories. Get up from that chair of lamentation and launch a manhunt for your enviable destiny that is decaying in the land of ineffectiveness! That you’re still alive today is a proof that you can still achieve great things. How can you relax in the house and resign to fate because you tried something once and it didn’t work? Get up and keep trying until you succeed. You’re not a failure until you accept it as a lifestyle.

Your spouse accused you wrongly, and ran away with another person, and so what? Are you telling me that there is no other person you can marry! Your organization sacked you, and so what? Why are you sleeping around in the house? Get up and get out now! If you cannot find a job, kindly invest in your talent. Package your talent and sell it to the world and you will become an employer of labour.covers-book-2

To stand out in life, you need a force called courage. Several years ago, Thomas Edison’s warehouse was gutted by fire. While the warehouse was still burning, his staff ran to where he was and called him. While watching the incident, he told one of his staff to go to the house and call his wife and mother-in-law. They asked why he was doing that, he said, “This is a great sight, invite them to come and see this wonderful fire.”

They kept watching until the warehouse where all Thomas Edison’s inventions were kept turned into ashes. In the night, Thomas Edison cleared what was on a table and slept off. When he woke up the following day, he saw his staff standing around the table. He asked why they were looking at him and they said, “Sir, are you sure that you’re normal? Fire razed down all you have laboured to invent, yet you are not bothered.” He smiled and said to them, “The fire has helped to get rid of all my mistakes. It has given me the opportunity to start all over again.”

What a man! If that same thing happen to some of us, am sure many will either commit suicide, or become seriously sick. I heard the story of a man whom the government marked his house for demolition, and he died that day. Probably he didn’t believe that he could build another house. Incidentally, the government is yet to demolish the house, and may not demolish it eventually, but the owner couldn’t wait.

To become a pacesetter, you must refuse to be intimidated by failures and unforeseen circumstances. You must be so rugged that nothing can intimidate you in this life. You’re to loaded to become a failure because of a little detour on your way to the top. It is not over until you win! To be continued.

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