Welcome to #InspireAfricaProject! Once upon a time, two young men who were good friends walked into the forest to just look around. Suddenly, a lion appeared; one climbed a tree, his friend who didn’t know how to climb trees lay on the ground and pretended to be dead. The lion went close to him, sniffed around him and left. The guy on the tree came down and asked his friend what the lion said. His replied, “The lion said that it’s dangerous to trust a friend who desert you when you are in danger!”

It will be very difficult for you to know the true meaning of friendship until you are facing a difficult or life threatening challenge. Those who flock around you when things are going on smoothly may not be your true friends after all. After May 29th 2015, most of the people who were ready to die for President Goodluck Jonathan joined the ruling party and became his greatest critics. Others distanced themselves from him. Because they are AGIP (Any Government In Power), they will do anything possible to discredit the former president so that the new president will like them. They are not true friends, they are only interested in what they can get from you.

Some young ladies are usually carried away by the sweet nonsense guys say to them without knowing that some of them are just hunters who are only interested in sex! That’s why once they sleep with you, they won’t pick your calls any longer. If you want to know whether a guy is genuine or not, tell him that you won’t have sex with him until the wedding night, (which is the right thing to do), and most of them will run away. How can a guy who is sagging his trousers and equally wear ear-rings talk about love and you are standing there to listen? He is not yet a man, that’s a play boy!Uncommon Wisdom Academy

In this life, you will always attract who you are. So the kind of friends you attract is a pointer to who you are. Your association determines your personality. Prostitutes will always attract other prostitutes, while pastors attract many pastor friends. If you like gossip, you will attract slanderers and those who uses their tongues to send people to the grave. Kindly look around and see if the people around you are fair-weather friends.

The best period to know your real friends is when your are facing challenges. Every wealthy person will always attract all manner of people who claim to be their friends. In fact, some of them can do anything to please you. But the very day things become tough for you, some of them might not pick your calls any longer. Fair-weather friends are only interested in celebrating you glory, but real friends are interested in your story. Don’t joke with anyone who stands with you when adversity shows up because genuine friends are difficult to find! Welcome to the world of unlimited possibilities!

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