Welcome to #InspireAfricaProject! Worry is simply an unhealthy and destructive mental habit. Worry is so dangerous that the word itself is derived from an old Anglo-Saxon word meaning “to choke.” If someone were to put his fingers around your throat and press hard, cutting off the flow of air, it would be a dramatic demonstration of what you do to yourself by long-held and habitual worry!

Physicians who analyzed the causes of arthritis discovered the following factors; frustration, tension, apprehension, loneliness, grief, long-held ill will (unforgiveness), and habitual worry are the major causes of arthritis. The worrier, so it seems, is not likely to live as long as the person who learns to overcome his worries.

A scientific expert on length of life made a study of some 450 people who lived to be one hundred years of age. He found that these people lived long and contented lives for the following reasons: 1. They kept busy. 2. They used moderation in all things. 3. They ate lightly and simply. 4. They got a great deal of fun out of life. 5. They were early to bed and early up. 6. They were free from worry and fear, especially fear of death. 7. They had serene minds and faith in God.15 Laws of Money

Haven’t you often heard a person say, “I am almost sick with worry,” and then add with laughter, “But I guess worry never really makes you ill?” But that is where he is wrong. Worry can make you ill. Dr. George W. Crile said, “We fear not only in our minds but in our hearts, brains, and viscera, that whatever the cause of fear and worry, the effect can always be noted in the cells, tissues, and organs of the body.”

Dr. Stanley Cobb, a neurologist, says that worry is intimately connected with the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. A doctor stated that there is an epidemic of fear and worry is in the world. “All doctors,” he declared, “are having cases of illness which are brought on directly by fear, and aggravated by worry and a feeling of insecurity.”

Knowing the debilitating effect of worry and fear will help you to desist from investing in them. Worry and anxiety have never helped anyone before and they cannot help you. Chronic worry and fear can cut short your life. Do all you can to break that habit today. Don’t allow the economic downturn in your nation to kill you before your time because you’re not the only person that is facing the same challenge!

Norman Vincent Peale shared some practical ways that will help you to eliminate worry, fear and anxiety. He said, “Practice emptying the mind daily. This should be done preferably before retiring at night to avoid the retention by the consciousness of worries while you sleep.Higher Life in Christ Jesus By Ifeanyi AC Eze

During sleep, thoughts tend to sink more deeply into the subconscious. The last five minutes before going to sleep are of extraordinary importance, for in that brief period the mind is most receptive to suggestion. It tends to absorb the last ideas that are entertained in waking consciousness.

The process of mind drainage is important to overcoming worry, for fear thoughts, unless drained off, can clog the mind and impede the flow of mental and spiritual power. But such thoughts can be emptied from the mind and will not accumulate if they are eliminated daily.

To drain them, utilize a process of creative imagination. Conceive of yourself as actually emptying your mind of all anxiety and fear. Picture all worry thoughts as flowing out as you would let water flow from a basin by removing the stopper. Repeat the following affirmation during the visualization: “With God’s help I am now emptying my mind of all anxiety, all fear, all sense of insecurity.”

Repeat this slowly five times, then add, “I believe that my mind is now emptied of all anxiety, all fear, all sense of insecurity.” Repeat that statement five times, meanwhile holding a mental picture of your mind as being emptied of these concepts. Then thank God for thus freeing you from fear. Then go to sleep.”

Continued he said, “In starting the curative process the foregoing method should be utilized in the midmorning and midafternoon as well as at the bedtime. Go into some quiet place for five minutes for this purpose. Faithfully perform this process and you will soon note beneficial results.The untapped Treasures

The procedure may be further strengthened by imaginatively thinking of yourself as reaching into your mind and one by one removing your worries. Visualize your fears as being drained out of your mind and the visualization will in due course be actualized.”

This verse of the Bible gives me the ability to get rid of fear, worry and anxiety. Saint Paul put it this way, “Casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.” I Peter 5:7ยท Just imagine Jesus sitting in front of you, then begin to pick all the worries, fear and anxiety one after the other and hand them over to Him. Tell Him that you’re tired of keeping them, therefore, you are handing them over to Him forever.

Since worry is a product of imagination, you can equally get rid of it through imagination. Imagine yourself reaching into your mind to bring out fear of death, fear of accident, fear of not being able to pay your house rent, children school fees or mortgage, and hand them over to Jesus because He cares for you! Welcome to the season of worry free life. See you at the top!

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