Welcome to #InspireAfricaProject! Whenever someone says that money is not all that important, I usually agree with the person. Money should not be discussed at all. Money is not important! But you must understand that almost everything in life are connected to money, including the Gospel.
Money may not buy happiness, but it can pay a research firm to study why you’re not happy.

Once criticized for urging people to make money, the great minister Russell H. Connell, author of Acres of Diamonds, said, “Money printed your Bibles, money builds your churches, money sends your missionaries, and money pays your preachers, and you would not have many of them, either, if you did not pay them.” That’s the honest truth.12-Pillars-pillars-of-success

I made it clear in my book; Twelve Pillars of Financial Success that money is not evil. Money is neutral. Money takes that character of its owner. If you’re a bad person, your money will become bad. But if you’re a good person your money will become good also. Money becomes evil when you kill to get it. When you can do anything including kidnapping and armed robbery to get money, it simply means that money has become your god.

Anytime young people complain about joblessness I usually tell them to volunteer to serve someone or an organization. My friend told me in Abuja few weeks ago that a young man walked up to him and volunteered to serve in his organization. He was ready to carry out any assignment without a pay. Today, that young man is fully employed by the organization.

I still give free ideas, seminars and training. In fact, this article is a free seminar. Although we don’t give everything for free because our organization (King’s Uncommon Wisdom Limited) is not a charity organization, but we still give some things for free. It pays to offer free services once in a while especially when you are looking for an opportunity to display your talent or creative ingenuity.

David J. Schwartz shared this life changing story. “One summer evening I was traveling by car through a city. It was time for a gas-up. I stopped at an ordinary-looking but surprisingly busy station.

Four minutes later I knew why this particular service station was so popular. After filling my car with gasoline, checking under the hood, and cleaning the outside of my windshield, the attendant walked around to my side of the car and said, “Pardon me sir. It’s been a dusty day. Let me clean the inside of your windshield.”

Quickly and efficiently, he did a thorough job of cleaning the inside of my windshield, something not one service station attendant in a hundred does. This little special service did more than improve my night visibility (and it improved it a lot); it made me remember this station.

It so happened that I made eight trips through that city during the next three months. Each time, of course, I stopped at this station. And each time I got more service than I expected to get. Interestingly too was the fact that each time I stopped (once it was 4A.M) there were other automobiles filling up also. In all, I probably purchased about 100 gallons of gasoline from this station.

The first time I stopped the attendant could have thought to himself, “This guy is from out of state. Odds are twenty to one that he’ll never be back. Why do more than give him the routine treatment? He’s only a one-time customer.”

But the attendants in that station didn’t think that way. They put service first, and that’s why they were busy pumping gasoline while other stations looked almost deserted. If the gasoline was any better than a dozen other brands, I didn’t noticed it. And the price was competitive.

The difference was service. And it was obvious that service was paying off in profits. When the attendant on my first visit cleaned the inside of my windshield, he planted a money seed.” Dear friend, if you can put service first, money will definitely take care of itself.

The first thing we did when we established our consulting firm was to look for every opportunity to show people the kind of value we could add to them and their organizations. I personally offered free services for more than five years. Different churches invited me to speak to them for free. Individuals of course, took advantage of me.

I gave people ideas that turned them into multimillionaires and some of them do not even appreciate it. Some of them are still coming back for more free services! People took advantage of me, and they are still trying to do it today. I’m not regretting it because I used that opportunity to introduce what I could do. Today, some of the people and organizations we offered free services to are our clients.

If you put money first, you won’t go far in life. If you want to charge for every service you render, you may never step into the next level of your life. Use free services as a bait to introduce your ideas. When companies want to introduce new products they usually give out free samples, or make the price affordable to almost everybody. Once people starts looking for the products, the company will gradually increase the price.

Use that same idea to sell yourself and your expertise. If you can volunteer to serve an influential person as a personal assistant or in any capacity, you will gain uncommon experiences that will kickstart your journey to stardom. Don’t be too greedy. Make up your mind today to loose some before you can gain some. That’s one of the major secrets of success. If you want some of the free services our organization offers, kindly call 07032681154. Welcome to the world of unlimited possibilities!

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