Welcome to #InspireAfricaProject! I started this discussion while speaking somewhere in Nasarawa State few days ago. I told my audience that anyone who tells you that God will do virtually everything for you is indirectly coaching you to become one of the fruit eaters on earth. God does not give harvest, He gives seed. All through the Bible, seed comes before harvest.

If you go back to the book of Genesis you will discover that God created trees, placed in them the capacity to grow fruits that will give birth to more trees. He has never created any tree or animal since that day. God gives seed, and it is your duty to grow it. So when you say, “Oh God, give me a car,” He will say, “Oh son, I gave you seeds the very day I created you. Your car is hidden in your seeds.”

My grouse with some of the teachings we listen to in the church is that it encourages Africans to become fruit eaters. For example, if you lay more emphasis on favour and fail to balance it with hard work, you’re simply telling people that they can become rich without their input.

If we keep hearing stuff like, “God will do it,” “God will suddenly turn you into a billionaire,” “favour will flavor your life,” and so on, we will keep raising fruit eaters. Fruit eaters pray for toys. They fast and pray for cars, houses, smartphones and the like, and will never pray for wealth creation ideas.

Anyone that prays for liabilities (toys) instead of assets is a fruit eater. A man who doesn’t have a source of income but fast and pray for a miracle car is simply a fruit eater. Why? Because you don’t need prayer to buy a car. All you have to do is to grow fruits and the fruits will buy you a car.

Just take a look at some young people who are roaming the streets. Anytime you listen to their discussions, all you will be hearing are, “one day I will hit it big,” “I will soon hammer,” “I will soon drive my dream car,” and so on. They are simply fruit eaters.

Africa is a clear example of how fruit eaters behave. We have all manner of natural resources, but we don’t know how to refine them. So we invite Royal Dutch Shell and other International Oil Companies to help us extract the oil, we then ship it to a nation that probably doesn’t have crude oil to refine it for us.

They refine the crude oil, take the byproducts, and sell it back to us. Then we will gather in Abuja to share the proceed. States collect the money to pay salary and sink boreholes, and go back at the end of the month to collect their shares again. That is fruit eaters mentality. Fruit eaters are consumers, not manufacturers.

Cote d’Ivoire is arguably the largest grower of cocoa in the world, but their chocolate making companies cannot compete with other chocolate making companies across the world. So Nestle and others buy the raw cocoa beans from them, produce chocolate with it, and ship them back to us at probable double the price of the cocoa they bought from us. That is fruit eaters mentality.Higher Life in Christ Jesus By Ifeanyi AC Eze

If Africans and our leaders have fruit growers mentality, Africa should not become a reference point for poverty. We live in the midst of wealth, but poverty is walking on two legs. I know that corruption is an issue, but if we can develop fruit growers mentality, we will develop this continent.

In my book, 15 Laws of Money, I emphasized on this fruit eaters mentality. The rich will keep getting richer while the poor will keep getting poorer because of their mindsets. An average poor man in Africa has fruit eaters mentality.

If you give him $10,000 right now, he will never think of growing the money. He will think about organizing a remembrance party for his father who died in 1977. He will rent new apartment, drink and smoke like never before, marry another wife and squander all the money. Why? Because he has fruit eaters mentality.

That’s why a 70 year old man is hawking things on the traffic somewhere in Lagos right now. Why should a man be looking for security job (gate man) at the age of 80? What was he doing in his 20s, 30s, and even in his 50s? Does it mean he wasn’t aware that he would be old one day? If he was sick or bedridden, nobody can blame him. But if he is healthy, he shouldn’t be looking for fruits at this stage of his life, he should have grown them when he was much younger!

Give that same $10,000 to a rich man, he will grow it. Instead of thinking about his needs, he will think about investments. The problem of the poor is not the lack of money, but what I call need-based mentality. All he thinks about is how to meet his needs, not how to create wealth. So the rich thinks investment, but the poor thinks expenditures!

Nobody is saying you should not taste the fruit once in a while, but don’t eat everything. Fruit growers can take an orange tree and turn it into an orange orchard. But fruit eaters will eat that orange seed and thereby eating the potential orange orchard.15 Laws of Money

For example, most people who are not too rich drink beer on daily basis. Although the amount of money they spend daily on the beer drinking habit might not be big for now, but on the long run it will. If you drink five bottles of beer daily, in thirty years time you would have squandered over N13 million. And by the law of compound interest, what you actually squandered was over N30 million!

A fruit eater will hustle all year long and squander every dime he made during Christmas period, and start afresh in January. Some people who are planning to purchase cars for Christmas celebration right now may inflict financial injuries on themselves that can render them penniless the rest of their lives. Money is supposed to be grown before spending.

I want you to understand that there are three major stages of life. They are good morning, good afternoon, and goodnight. Good morning is the stage of preparation. It’s a period when you study hard to get good grades in school so that you can be well prepared to grow fruits.

Good afternoon is the most important stage of your life. This is the period to grow fruits. Eating all the fruits you’re growing at this stage will affect you in your goodnight. I’m very sure that majority of my readers and followers are in their good afternoon right now. I want to plead with you to take this period very serious. Don’t play around. Stop behaving like there will be no tomorrow. The behavior of today will definitely affect your tomorrow.

The final stage is goodnight! This is the fruit eating stage. At this stage you’re no longer as strong as you were in your good afternoon. If you ate all your fruits in your good afternoon, you must be prepared to grow fruits in your goodnight. This is the right time to grow fruits. Run aware from fruit eaters. Connect with wise fruit growers. Wisdom is profitable to direct!

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