Welcome to #KingdomManna on #InspireAfricaProject! While speaking to some students in the university few weeks ago, I told them that they can become Kingdom envoys in their various profession. All of us cannot become priests, pastors, evangelists, apostles or bishops, but we can represent the Kingdom everywhere we go. If you’re a medical doctor, your consulting table should become your pulpit. If you’re a civil engineer, your construction site should become your crusade ground.

If you’re a lecturer, lecture halls should become your crusade ground. Don’t conclude any lecture without saying something that can arrest someone. If you’re a banker, the banking hall should become your crusade ground. While attending to someone, you should say something that will stick into his or her heart. You may not necessarily quote the Bible, but you can mix your conversation with some truth.Higher Life in Christ Jesus By Ifeanyi AC Eze

If you’re an author, your books should become a tool for the Kingdom expansion project on earth. I will never forget the day a youth corper called me from Osun State with joy, and said that she gave her life to Christ after reading a particular portion of one of my books. Although the book is supposed to be a secular book on wealth creation, but I usually preach the gospel in a subtle manner in all my books.

If you’re a marketer, don’t forget to market the Kingdom also. I don’t mean saying something like, “Repent or you will go to hell.” That’s too confrontational. By the way, the Gospel is not hell fire, the gospel is Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, many preachers spend more time talking about hell fire than Jesus Christ. Share the fantastic Redemption story with people and ask them to surrender to Jesus, not by force, allow them to make the decision by themselves.

If we can see our profession as an opportunity to spread the Gospel, we will take over the earth in few years time. Just imaging if every taxi driver talks to all their passengers, and every trader preach Christ to every customer, and every medical doctor, lawyer, architect, engineer, author, speaker, banker, medical laboratory scientist, pharmacist, and politician uses every opportunity to preach the Gospel, the glory of God will cover this earth as water covers the sea.

One of the ways to do this is to gather some messages on cd and play them whenever someone enters your car. I personally preached some messages for this purpose. Sometimes I deliberately pick someone for this purpose. The moment he sits in the car, the message will start playing. I don’t have to talk to the person directly because everything I would have said is in the message.

I met a taxi man at Lekki, Lagos State, who told me that he bought some of my messages on cd and did exactly what I just said, and he captured some people for the Kingdom. In the last chapter of my book, Increasing Your Capacity for Exploits, I said that there is a difference between earth and the world. Earth refers to the physical dirt, and animals, trees, soil and others. But world comes from the Greek word, Kosmos, meaning systems! The Bible says in John 3:16;

“For God so loved the world (SYSTEMS) that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.” Jesus came to save the systems, and not the physical planet. After His death and resurrection, He mandated us to be the arrow-heads that will redeem the systems. What are these systems?

There are over seven major systems that humanity is built on; if Kingdom Ambassadors fail to capture these systems, we have failed in our assignment. The church won’t take over this world until we send Kingdom Ambassadors to these areas am about to mention. (1). Political system (world of politics). If the devil is your president, governor, senator, house of representative member, or local government chairman, his or her decisions will affect you. If he says that church services will no longer hold, it will affect us.Increasing_Your_Capacity_for_Exploits

(2). Commerce system (world of business). Whether you like it or not, big business owners influence government decisions which will definitely affect the society. (3). Family system (world of family). It’s no longer news that satan’s number one target is the family. If he succeeds in destabilizing the family, the world will be in disarray. (4). Religious system (world of religion). Almost all wars in human history are traceable to religion and belief system.

(5). Entertainment system (world of entertainment). It’s no longer news that entertainment is one of the weapons the devil is using to enslave young people around the world. Some young people cannot quote a verse of the Bible offhand, but they can sing popular lewd songs. Unfortunately, the church is sleeping in this area. We should produce songs that can be played in a night club. Use the popular beat to pass the message.

(6). Educational system (world of education). I thank God that the church is rising in this particular system, but we can do more. Kingdom ambassadors should become teachers and lecturers, and influence young people. (7). Media system (media world). Am happy that many churches have satellite television stations, but we must work on the content. We must have quality programs that will attract unbelievers and bring them into the Kingdom.

These and many more are the systems that govern this earth. When Jesus said that we are the light of the world (Kosmos), He was saying that we should go into the systems and dispel darkness. Go into politics and light it up. Go into the educational system and light it up. Go into the medical field like Dr. Ben Carson and light it up. Evangelism is not just when we stand on the street to preach, let your office table become your pulpit.

Until we capture these systems, we have not started soul winning. If you look carefully you will discover that the devil is maximizing all the systems I talked about. We cannot allow that to happen. Choose one system and occupy it for the Kingdom. Even in the Old Testament, people like Joseph, Daniel, Modecai, Shedrack, Meshach and Abadenego transformed the political system of their time. Daniel and his friends went to Babylon and lighted it up. Joseph lighted up Egypt. Where are you lighting up right now?

God is calling you to occupy a system for Him. I am occupying the business world through corporate training. Will you take responsibility for the Kingdom today? Welcome to the week of supernatural interventions! You can order for Increasing Your Capacity for Exploits and Higher Life In Christ to read more about the systems. Kindly call Godwin on 07032681154. Keep daring!

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