Welcome to #MoneyWise on #InspireAfricaProject! I want to start by saying that am not in any way against getting a god job, but am against being an employee the rest of your life. Kindly answer this simple question; if your boss or the owner of the organization you work for sack you right now, can you still meet your needs? Can you survive without cashflow for the next one year?

I see employment as a training ground, and entrepreneurship as the breeding ground. You learn the rudiments of running an organization from your boss, then you establish your own idea and become the boss of others so that they can become future bosses. The challenge with remaining as an employee for life is that you will live under a paycheck. A paycheck, no matter how big, cannot be called wealth or riches.

So often people seem to mistake getting a bigger paycheck or salary for getting richer. Nothing could be further from the truth for greater percentage of the working population have found out that it’s not true. Most people’s only relationship with money is of never having enough because their salary is the only source of income. Most people live a “paycheck-to-paycheck” existence, and use this month’s paycheck to pay off last month’s bills.12-Pillars-pillars-of-success

Most people are struggling financially because they rely solely on their jobs for their cashflow. For example, if your salary is N50,000 you can comfortably manage it when you’re single without complaining. But the moment you get married and start having kids, and your cashflow remains the same, you will face a big challenge. In our clime, the individual may not strategize on how to increase his monthly cashflow, rather, he will start going from prayer house to prayer house to find out who is blocking his breakthrough.

Bradley J. Sugars opined; “Yes, I know there are a handful of people on the planet who take home a million-dollar-plus pay packets, but they have almost always already served twenty or so years at normal wage levels, and secondly, if they stop working tomorrow, the paychecks will stop. Thus we need to look for another method of bringing in massive amounts of cashflow.”

He went on to say; “There is only one tool I recommend that you use for creating cashflow in your life- your own business. It is by far and away the best tool for creating massive cashflow and having someone else do the work. Business is also one of the best ways to develop a large pool of capital which you can invest in asset.”

Having a job serves a purpose, but it shouldn’t be your lifetime dream. Whenever young people, especially graduates ask me whether they should establish a business after graduation or get a job, I usually give them two equally important answers. Firstly, if you have experience in business, either you helped your parents to run their businesses or stayed with an uncle who had a shop somewhere, you can establish your own business immediately. The second answer is, if you don’t have any experience at all, kindly get a job that wll stretch you, and gain some experience. But don’t answer an employee for life.The Entrepreneur

Someone might say, “but running your own business comes with big risk, you can loose all your money in one day,” you’re absolute correct. Life is all about risk including business. If you own your own idea, you will determine your own destiny with the help of God. You will manage your time and equally determine when you should go to office or not.

In a nutshell, you can start with getting a job, save some money and establish your own idea, and then invest heavily in real estate. Kindly order for my life changing books; 15 Laws of Money, The Entrepreneur and Twelve Pillars of Financial Success to learn more about this subject. Wisdom is profitable to direct!

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