Welcome to Inspire Africa Project! I shared this life changing story in chapter ten of my book, Twelve Pillars of Financial Success. “John D. Rockefeller began his life as a clerk earning $3.75 per week. He saved twenty percent of his income and gave fifty percent to his church. He lived with the remaining thirty percent.

Eventually, he got into the fledging oil business and built Standard Oil, the biggest oil company in the United States of America….As his business grew and expanded, he lost sight of his original desire to share his benefits with others. In the back of his mind, he had always intended to give money to a worthy cause, but he became so busy building his empire that he simply didn’t have the time.

When Rockefeller was 52 years old, he was the richest man in the world. He was also a physical wreck. He was in a state of collapse. His body was falling apart. The doctors told him that he only had a few months, perhaps a year, to live. He had worked for so long, and so hard, and had taken such a poor care of himself physically, that even though he could afford any kind of treatment, there was nothing they could do for him.

Rockefeller decided that if he was going to die anyway, he was going to go back to his original intention and give away some of his money. He sold half of his interest in the Rockefeller Oil Companies for cash, an amount of about $500 million. He then set up the first Rockefeller Foundation and began giving his money away to worthy causes that he had admired over the years.

And a remarkable thing happened. The more money he gave away, the healthier he became. Eventually, his physical problems cleared up. The more dedicated he became to charitable causes, to funding churches, foundations and other needy organizations, the better he felt, and the healthier, happier, and positive he became.

Meanwhile, the Rockefeller Oil Companies continued to grow. The half ownership that he retained in his companies increased in value at a rate faster than he could give the other half away. Rockefeller lived to the age of 92, another forty years.

By the time he died, he had given away hundreds of millions of dollars. But the incredible thing was that he was worth more when he died than when he had sold half of his interests at the age of 52 and began charitable activities.”-Brian Tracy.

John D. Rockefeller was the first billionaire in the history of humanity. His companies are still in existence today, while The Rockefeller Foundation still donate millions of dollars to charitable causes across the world! It was from him that most American billionaires and multimillionaires learned the habit of donating millions of dollars to charities.

So you can see that giving does not reduce anybody, rather it increases us. Giving is living! Whatever you give for the purpose of advancing the gospel, helping humanity and fighting injustice will always return back in an unimaginable proportions! There are two things I wouldn’t want you to forget.

1. Giving Is Not By Force, It Is By Choice. Don’t ever allow anybody to coerce or manipulate you into giving. Every act of giving must be done with a cheerful heart. Somebody told me that he usually feel bad anytime people are asked to give and he didn’t give. I told him that he is not owing anybody if he didn’t give. It is a personal decision. God doesn’t want you to give what you don’t have because He knows your level.

Giving can change your life and destiny forever but it must not be done in a manipulative manner. Some people have used all manner of gimmicks to collect people’s cars and houses in the name of giving. That’s robbery, it won’t yield any harvest. Don’t allow anybody to use sweat words to steal from you in the name of giving. It is by choice, not by force.

Anytime I see so called ministers demanding for seed from people for their own personal gain I feel ashamed. Am not the one that should demand for seed from people, if they think am worthy of it, they should bring it with open mind! Great ministers don’t pay too much attention to seed because impact will naturally attract input!

2. Giving Is Not Helping The Receiver, But The Giver. This truth liberated me big time. If I give a car to somebody, although the person will be happy that I helped him, but to God, I just helped myself! If you understand giving from this perspective it will become a way of life because it’s for your own good.

You will not receive any harvest by collecting from others, but you will reap uncommon harvest by giving. I want you to understand that giving positions you for God’s blessing. So go ahead and become an addicted giver knowing that it is for your own benefit. From tomorrow, I will show you about five things you should give consistently. Welcome to the world of unlimited possibilities! What did you learn from today’s discussion? Kindly share with us at the comment section of this blog. Connect with us on Facebook: Inspire Africa Project. Twitter: @InspireAfricaP.


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