Welcome to Inspire Africa Project! I want you to understand that giving is by CHOICE not by force, coercion or manipulation! Nobody should use the platform to take your cars, houses or cash unless you’re led to do that, otherwise it’s no longer giving, it has graduated to stealing.

One of my greatest discoveries in the school of ministry is that IMPACT will always generate INPUT if you can be patient enough. God will never call anybody to kill him, but you must show Him that you can be trusted. Unfortunately, everybody wants to drive Range Rover and live in the elite neighborhood overnight. And to achieve that, many people use all manner of tricks to steal from people in the name of seed sowing!

When I hear a minister tell somebody he prayed for to remember seed and tithe when the prayer works I feel ashamed. Are you the one that answers prayer? Are you a prayer seller? Do your part and allow God to organise your blessings.

I discovered that God never use the channel we have in mind to bring our supernatural supply. That was how He sustained Elijah. He did not tell Elijah to look for a wealthy person and beg for help, He sent him to the Brook and sent a raven to feed him. When the Brook dried, God told him to go to Zarephat and meet a widow who was about to cook her last meal for sustenance!

Stop insulting your Caller by begging, be patient, and you will soon smile. Always remember that your Caller is your Payer! Let’s look at some of things you should give.

1. Tithe Your Way To The Top. Tithing is to give ten percent or more of your income to God. Most of the world’s richest individuals and most successful people have been devout tithers. By tithing regularly, you, too, can put into motion God’s universal force which will guarantee your abundance.

“Robert Allen, best-selling author didn’t always tithe. But after he lost everything and was down to zero, he said to himself. Wait a second, I’ve had so much money in my life. Where did I go wrong? I must have done something wrong.

Eventually he worked his way back to prosperity. But along the way, he learned a valuable lesson: either I believe in tithing, he said to himself, or I don’t. If I believe in it, I’m going to tithe every week. I’m going to figure out what our income is that week and write my check that week. And he became a dedicated tither, suddenly a whole new world opened up for him.

Soon new opportunities started flowing to him. Today, he has so much opportunity it would take him ten lifetimes to tap into. He believes it’s that way for dedicated tithers.”

Naturally, it’s not easy for an individual to part with a portion of his income weekly or monthly. How can somebody make N1 million and give God N100,000 or more? To an average individual, it’s like depleting his income.

You must understand that when you give God ten percent or more of your income weekly or monthly, you will enter into a covenant of preservation and prosperity with God. He preserves you, your family and profession, and equally release uncommon blessing upon you that will provoke materials blessings.

Tithe is like paying your rent to the rightful Owner. Anytime you pay your tithe, you are recognizing that God is the real owner of your business or profession, you’re just the caretaker! The harvest of tithe is not only wealth, God will open the windows of heaven over you and release blessing that will require expansion. He will rebuke devourers for your sake, and you will become the center of attraction!

A woman who was an addicted tither suddenly lost passion for it and something strange began to happen. A rat would enter into the engine of her car and destroy all the wires. This thing happened like three times and the woman remembered that she has not been faithful to tithing and repented. The rat never showed up again from that very day.

I learned from her testimony that one of the major things God does for us anytime we tithe is to deal with devourers! What are these devourers? Sicknesses that gulps millions yearly, accidents, bad debt, stagnation and many other things. I encourage you today to become an addicted tither because it is the pathway to uncommon prosperity. Don’t forget to be consistent when you start.

Asa Griggs Candela entered into a covenant with God to tithe ninety percent of his income on one condition; so that God would make CocaCola known in every family on earth! Today, 96% of the world population can recognise the logo of CocaCola! Order for my book, The Entrepreneur and read the full story of CocaCola.

When you give, you’re not helping the receiver, you’re actually helping yourself. Receive the grace to become a dedicated tither today! To be continued. Welcome to the world of unlimited possibilities! What did you learn from today’s discussion? Kindly share with us at the comment section of this blog. Connect with us on Facebook: Inspire Africa Project. Twitter: @InspireAfricaP.


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