Welcome to Inspire Africa Project! After reading the first part of this series, somebody shared this testimony at the comment section. “I followed your advice (on giving) and gave up my salary for January 2015. The blessings from that uncomfortable and uncommon giving is still being felt today.

I got married that same year; something that has been proving difficult to me for a long time. Help came from different and unexpected angles. One donation was three times the salary I gave up! My spiritual life was also revived. The blessings of giving is indeed immeasurable.”

It was his personal decision to give his salary which I think wasn’t an easy thing to do, but what he gave to God IN THEIR CHURCH is no where near the kind of harvest he reaped. So you can see that giving will never reduce you, rather it will keep increasing your income.

God can do everything, but He can never lie. If He said that those who sow in tears will reap in joy, and equally said that seed time and harvest will never cease, then it is established forever!

Any farmer that is planting his crops has harvest in mind. Any seed that enters into the soil has no right or power to remain the same, because harvest will always exceed the seed! Let’s look at the second thing you should give.

2. Volunteer To Serve. You don’t only give cash, you can give your time and talent. You can donate yourself to God through volunteering, and the harvest is usually massive. Some people that volunteered to serve in their various churches have given uncommon testimonies ranging from healing, connections, breakthroughs, and many other miracles.

I know a church where a high court judge volunteered to be part of those who clean their church weekly. She would humble herself and enter into a drainage channel and clean other people’s mess! There is no devil that can stop her uncommon blessing!

Jack Canfield said that, “When you volunteer, you will get back a whole lot more than you give. Research on volunteerism shows that people who volunteer live longer, have stronger immune systems, have fewer heart attacks, recover from heart attacks faster, have higher self-esteem, and have a deeper sense of meaning and purpose than those who don’t volunteer.

The research also shows that people who volunteer in their younger years are more likely to end up in more prestigious and higher paying jobs than their nonvolunteering counterparts. Volunteering is a powerful way of networking and often leads to business and career opportunities.

Volunteering is also a way to develop important success skills. Many large corporations have come to realize this and actually encourage their employees to volunteer…Many prospective employers also report that when they are interviewing candidates for hire, they now look to see if the candidates have engaged in volunteer work. So volunteering your time could well have a positive payoff by helping you land a future job.”

One of the major keys of success is buildings huge network or relationships, and volunteering let’s you meet all kinds of people you would never meet otherwise. Most youths who are jobless right now can get fantastic jobs tomorrow if they can volunteer for a worthy cause.

The power of volunteering is, if you are working for me, you will be connected to the people I know, and you will equally develop yourself along the line. The next time you go for job interview, tell them that you want to volunteer to serve in any capacity in their organization. That will give you the opportunity to show them what you can actually do!

If I didn’t volunteer to serve in our church I don’t think I will get to where I am now. Somebody might be asking, do we have organizations that are looking for volunteers? My answer is yes. In developed countries, they have a well structured volunteer organizations.

If you’re in Nigeria, you can volunteer to serve at National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA). They are incharge of every emergency situation in Nigeria. Right now, they need your services at the Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps. You never know who you will meet in the process of serving others.

You can also volunteer to serve in your church. You can organise people to clean your community monthly or bimonthly. Don’t sit down and wait for people to serve you, it is more blessed to serve than to be served! Whatever you do to help humanity will be rewarded abundantly by God.

So when we talk about giving, don’t just think about money, donate yourself to both man and God, and you will be supernaturally empowered to step into your wealthy place. Welcome to the world of unlimited possibilities! To be continued. What did you learn from today’s discussion? Kindly share with us at the comment section of this blog. Connect with us in Facebook: Inspire Africa Project. Twitter @InspireAfricaP.


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