Welcome to Inspire Africa Project! I strongly believe that when God was creating us, He designed a special computer chip called the conscience and fixed it in all of us in order to help us know when we have crossed the boundary! But I discovered that when the conscience is beaten, battered and shattered by its owner, it will begin to malfunction. At this point, the owner of the malfunctioning conscience can commit any atrocity without restriction!

How do we know that our conscience is malfunctioning or dead? As a minister of God, do you normally use the microphone to defraud people? When you are counting the millions you get from such act, do you feel guilty or excited? If you use the name of God to defraud people and you don’t feel anything in your heart, it means your conscience is not just malfunctioning, it’s already dead!

If you give fake testimony to show people that you are powerful and your conscience did not judge you, then it’s already buried! If you deliberately lie and your conscience did not judge you, then there is a big spiritual problem. If you kill someone for ritual and still feel like nothing happened, Saint Paul said that your conscience has been seared with hot iron- both you and your conscience are already dead!

If you stole somebody’s money and loose your peace and return it, then your conscience is still alive. If you watch pornography and your heart begins to trouble you, then you are still alive. Don’t watch it the second time, because if you do, your conscience will start dying gradually.The untapped Treasures

If you engaged in a wrong business deal and experienced inner sorrow; or told a story with perceived exaggeration and your heart troubled you, it means that your conscience is still breathing. If you are slandering your best friend behind his or her back and you don’t feel anything when you see the person, it’s a pointer that your conscience is already dead!

Friends, if you have battered and killed your conscience kindly run back to God so that He can help you to repair and fix it back. Otherwise, you are a disaster waiting to happen! When your conscience is dead, you will begin to behave like an animal. That’s why a lady will wear a handkerchief on her body and will be moving majestically on the street without being ashamed. Women normally guard their body jealously, but the moment conscience dies, shame departs and the animal in us will take over!15 Laws of Money

When people do wrong things REPEATEDLY, it hardens their conscience. After a robber had killed once or twice, his conscience becomes hardened as far as human life is concerned! Stop saying that God understands! Repent from that conscience killing lifestyle and forsake it forever. Ask God for supernatural strength to overcome that lifestyle!

Lift up your hands wherever you are right now and say this very loud; Lord Jesus, come into my heart. Forgive me all my sins and give me a brand new conscience. I receive grace today to live a holy life. Thank you Lord for changing my life today, in Jesus precious name I pray. Amen! Share your experience with us on the comment section of this blog. For inquiries about our Products, Inspire Africa Project Conference, Consultancy or Training Programs, kindly call +234 703 268 1154. Facebook: Inspire Africa Project . Twitter @KingIfeanyiEze. @InspireAfricaP.


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