Welcome to #InspireAfricaProject! The biggest bank in this world is not Guarantee Trust Bank Plc, Standard Bank, JPMorgan Chase & Co, Bank of America, BNP Paribas or Citigroup Holdings. The biggest bank in this world is your mind! Guess what? What you deposit into your mind will determine your placement in your generation.

Much lack of self-confidence can be traced directly to a mismanaged memory. Your brain is very much like a bank. Every day you make thought deposits in your “mind bank.” These thought deposits grow and become your memory.

When you settle down to think or when you face a problem, in effect you say to your memory bank, “What do I already know about this?” Your memory bank automatically answers and supplies you with bits of information relating to this situation that you deposited on previous occasions. Your memory then, is the basic supplier of raw material for your new thought.

The teller in your memory bank is tremendously reliable. He never crosses you up. If you approach him and say, “Mr. Teller, let me withdraw some thoughts I deposited in the past proving I’m inferior to just about everybody else,” he will say, “Certainly, sir. Recall how you failed two times previously when you tried this? Recall what your teacher told you about your inability to accomplish things? Recall what you overheard some fellow workers saying about you?” And on and on Mr. Teller goes, digging out your brain thought after thought that proves you are inadequate.

But suppose you visit your memory teller with this request: “Mr. Teller, I face a difficult decision. Can you supply me with any thought which will give me reassurance?” And Mr. Teller says, “Certainly sir,” but this time he delivers thoughts you deposited earlier that say you can succeed, “Recall the excellent job you did in a similar situation before. Recall how much confidence Mr. Smith placed in you. Recall what your good friends said about you.

Mr. Teller, perfectly responsive, you withdraw the thought deposits you want to withdraw. After all, it is your bank. That means, what you deposit into your mind bank will determine what you will withdraw in the future. If you deposit limiting thoughts, and other junks into your mind bank, you will definitely withdraw it when you’re facing challenges. But if you deposit positive and inspiring thoughts in your mind bank, you will be rest assured that you can overcome any challenge that shows up in the future.

David J. Schwartz shared the following story. “One afternoon as I was talking with the head of the firm about his profession and his techniques for helping the seriously maladjusted person, he made this remark; “You know, there would be no need for my services if people would do just one thing.”

“What’s that?” I asked eagerly. “Simply this: destroy their negative thoughts before those thoughts become mental monsters.” “Most individuals I try to help,” he continued, “are operating their own private museum of mental horror. Many marriage difficulties, for example, involve the ‘honeymoon monster.’

The honeymoon wasn’t as satisfactory as one or both of the marriage partners had hoped, but instead of burying the memory, they reflected on it hundreds of times until it was a giant obstacle to successful marital relationship. They come to me as much as five or ten years latter.

“Usually, of course, my clients don’t see where their trouble lies. It’s my job to uncover and explain the source of their difficulty to help them to see what a triviality it really is.” A person can make a mental monster out of almost any unpleasant happening. My psychologist friend went on. “A job failure, a jilted romance, a bad investment, disappointment in the behavior of a teenage child- these are common monsters I have to help troubled people destroy.”

It is clear that any negative thought, if fertilized with repeated recall, can develop into a real mind monster, breaking down confidence and paving the way to serious psychological difficulties.” Don’t build mental monsters. Refuse to withdraw the unpleasant thoughts from your memory bank. When you remember situations of any kind , concentrate on the good part of the experience.15 Laws of Money

Forget the bad things that happened in the past. Bury it! If you find yourself thinking about the negative side, turn your mind off completely. I told a young man who complained bitterly about promiscuity that there are two ways to overcome it. Firstly, take it to God. Ask Him to help you to overcome it.

Secondly, don’t allow your mind to focus on dirty stuff. I told him that the moment an immoral thought jumps into his mind, he should force his mind to think about somethings else, it’s step out and chat with someone, or choose to think about your vision, heaven, success, or the mansion he wants to build. Immoral thought will lead to the very act if you fail to distract your thought!

Here is something very significant and encouraging. Your mind wants you to forget the unpleasant. If you will just corporate, unpleasant memories will gradually shrivel and the teller in your memory bank will cancel them out. You have just one life to live, don’t allow stinking thinking to hold you down. Since your mind is your world, kindly allow lifting thoughts to occupy your mind all day long. Welcome to the world of unlimited possibilities!

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