Welcome to #InspireAfricaProject! Anytime I read the creation account, what amazes me is that God did not create the earth with raw materials. He saw what He wanted to create in His mind, and created it with His Words. In fact, the writer of Hebrews puts it this way; “By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible.” God created the earth from nothing.

In the same vein, you and I can create the kind of future we want. You can create your positive heart desires from nothing if you can believe. We can see tomorrow in advance, design what it’s going to be like, and drag it down with visualization and affirmation. Jack Canfield shared the following experience.

“I first learned about the power of affirmation when my mentor challenged me to set a goal so far beyond my current circumstances, it would literally astound me if I achieved it. Though I thought his challenge had merit, I didn’t really apply it to my life in a serious way until several years later when I decided to make the jump from earning $25,000 a year to making $100,000 or more.

The first thing I did was to craft an affirmation after one I’d seen by Florence Scovell Shinn. My affirmation was, God is my infinite supply and large sums of money come to me quickly and easily under the grace of God for the highest good of all concerned. I am happily and easily earning, saving, and investing $100,000 a year.

Next, I created a huge replica of a $100,000 bill, which I affixed to the ceiling above my bed. On awakening, I would see the bill, close my eyes, repeat my affirmation, and visualize what I would be enjoying if I were living a $100,000-a-year lifestyle. I envisioned the house I would live in, the furnishings and artwork I would own, the car I would drive, and the vacations I would take. I also created the feelings I would experience once I had already attained the lifestyle.

Soon I woke up one morning with my first $100,000 idea. It occurred to me that if I could sell 400,000 copies of my book, and receive a 25c-per-copy royalty, I would earn a $100,000 income. I added to my morning visualization the image of my book flying off bookstore shelves and my publisher writing me a $100,000 check.

Not long after, a freelance journalist approached me and wrote an article about my work for the National Enquirer. As a result, thousands of additional copies of my book were sold within a month.

Almost daily, more and more money-making ideas flowed into my mind. For instance, I took out small ads and sold the book on my own- making $3.00 per copy, instead of just 25c. I started a mail-order catalog of other books on self-esteem and made even more money from the same buyers.

The University of Massachusetts saw my catalog and invited me to sell books at a weekend conference, helping me generate more than $2,000 in two days- and introducing me to another strategy for making $100,000 a year.

At the same time I was visualizing greater book sales, I also got the idea to generate more income from my workshops and seminars. When I asked a friend who did similar work how I could charge higher fees, he revealed he was already charging more than double what I was being paid! With that encouragement, I instantly tripled my rates and discovered the schools that were hiring me to speak had budgets even higher than that.15 Laws of Money

My affirmation was paying off big time. But if I hadn’t set the goal to make $100,000 and been diligent about affirming and visualizing it, I never would have raised my speaking fees, started a mail-order bookstore, attended a major conference, or been interviewed for a major publication.

As a result, my income that year skyrocketed from $25,000 to over $92,000! Of course, I missed my $100,000 goal by $8,000, but I can assure you I wasn’t depressed about it. On the contrary, I was ecstatic. I had almost quadrupled my income in less than one year, using the power of visualization and affirmations coupled with the willingness to act when I had an “inspired idea.”

After our $92,000 year, my wife asked me, “If affirmation worked for $100,000, do you think they would also work for $1 million? Using affirmations and visualization, we went on to achieve that goal as well and have continued to make $1 million or more every year since.”

I also used this strategy when I was growing up as a young speaker and minister. Although I didn’t know the name, but I found myself imagining how I would be traveling across the world to preach and speak at events. Some times, I would sit for hours doing this. Suddenly, what I was visualizing began to manifest gradually. I have not reached the height I imagined, but I am no longer where I used to be.

One thing you must also understand is that visualization alone cannot produce the result. You must take practical steps to make it happen. Don’t just sit in a corner visualizing how great your future is going to be without taking practical steps to make it happen. The moment you set goals, and start visualizing its manifestation, uncommon ideas will begin to pop-up in your mind. Those ideas are the forces that would usher in your goals.

Kindly sit down and craft your targets. Print them out and paste them where you must see them on daily basis. I can guarantee you that the breakthrough you have been dreaming about will become a reality within few months of visualization and actions! Whatever you see and believe, and act on, will definitely become your own self-fulfilling prophecy! Wisdom is profitable to direct! (If you’re living in and around Abuja, kindly check the handbill below. Your life is about to change drastically).

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