#InspireAfricaProject! Anyone who tells you that you can become very successful by drinking a particular anointing oil, or praying with a special mat, or wearing a particular shirt or praying with a specially anointed candle is not telling you the whole truth. There is no magic wand for success. It is better to produce anointing oil than to become one of the drinkers! It is better to become a mustard seed seller that the eater. The person that sells a special anointing oil is simply a businessman.

One of my mentors told me some years back that there is a price for the prize. Greatness is not sold in any market. In fact, greatness is very costly. Praying to become a world class fashion designer without daily practice to hone your craft is the highway to the land of failures. Fasting to become a first class student without developing a rigid studious life is the fastest way to become an elder in the city of regret!

Hunting for prophecy without having a source of income is like telling your spouse to sleep for you because you’re too tired to sleep. I believe in favor and miracles from the depth of my heart, but I also believe in doing my own part. God is not a magician, and He will never be! There are paupers in churches where seers operate day and night. We must wake up from daydreaming and understand that the world has left many of us behind.

One of life’s realities is that major improvements take time; they don’t happen overnight. But because so many of today’s products and services promise overnight perfection, we’ve come to expect instant gratification- and we become discouraged when it doesn’t happen. However, if you make a commitment to learning something new every day-over time you will reach your goals.

Becoming a master takes time. You have to practice, practice, and practice! You have to hone you skills through constant use and refinement. It takes years to have the depth and breadth of experience that produces expertise, insight, and wisdom. Every book you read, every class you take, every experience you have is another building block in your career and your life!

Don’t shortchange yourself by not being ready when your big break appears. Make sure you have done your homework and honed your craft. Actors usually have to do a lot of preparation- acting classes, community theater, bit parts in movies and television, more acting classes, voice training, consistent learning and learning until one day, they are ready for the dream part that is ready for them.

Successful basketball players learn to shoot with their opposite hand, improve their foul-throw shooting, and work on their three-point shots. Artists experiment with different media. Airline pilots train for every kind of emergency in a flight simulator. Doctors go back to school to learn new procedures and obtain advanced certifications. They are all engaged in a process of constant never ending improvement.

Between 2008 Beijing Olympics and 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, Michael Phelps has won 23 gold medals in swimming. What is his secret? Michael Phelps swims minimum of 80,000 meters a week, which is about 50 miles. He practices twice a day, sometimes more if he’s training at altitude. Phelps trains for around five to six hours on daily basis. In fact, some people said that he trains for about ten hours on daily basis.12-Pillars-pillars-of-success

To give himself some additional entertainment in the water, Phelps listens to music during his long workouts with waterproof headphones. Swimming in the water, especially that long, can be pretty boring. Listening to music can provide that extra spark to your workout.

Unfortunately, a young man or woman in our clime that wants to win just one gold medal at the next Olympics might be drinking a special water somewhere right now. To compound the matter, our sports administrators don’t even take athletes to camp early enough. We would wait till its four months to the Olympics before we start training to compete with people who trained for four straight years!

Looking for what to apply or use in order to circumvent our duty is one of the major reasons why some Africans are poor in the midst of abundance. So if you watch television you see where we gather to receive special prophecy for prosperity. While we are doing that, a Chinese man who probably worship snakes is printing our Bibles, building our roads, railways, airports and every infrastructure in Africa! What a paradox! We must change this butter and bread sermons and tell people the realities of life.

There is no free lunch in this life! Stop looking for instant prosperity, get out and make it happen. Favour does not and cannot negate labour. If you check everyone that was favored by God in the Bible, you will discover that they were busy when favour arrived. From Isaac, to Rebecca, to Ruth and every other person that was highly favored, none was sleeping in the house when favour paid them a special visit. Unfortunately, we preach the favour aspect and refuse to mention labour in other to make people happy.

Make a commitment today to keep getting better every day in every way. If you do, you will enjoy the feelings of increased self-esteem and self-confidence that come from self-improvement, as well as the ultimate success that will inevitably follow.

If you want to succeed in life, you must be ready to pay the required price. God’s part is to bless you with uncommon ideas, connect you to the right people, and sometimes provide part of the resources you would need. Your part is to take what God has provided and run with it. If you take full responsibility for your life from today, you will experience unprecedented success. (Don’t forget to join us in Abuja on the 28th of May for unusual wealth creation insights. See the handbill below. See you at the top!

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