Welcome to #InspireAfricaProject! Ideas are thoughts with a fantastic future. An idea can be likened to a pregnant thought. Ideas are sudden insights that have the capacity to metamorphose into wealth and great accomplishments if you can spend quality time to unravel them. Ideas are supernaturally orchestrated intuition designed to turn the receiver into a celebrity. So anytime you pray for blessing you’re actually telling God to baptize you with fresh ideas.

Ideas rule the world. Every single thing you are looking at right now is a product of idea. Your shirt is somebody’s idea. The device you’re reading this article on is someone’s idea. The platform where the article is written is somebody’s idea. The chair you’re sitting on, the computer you’re working with, the pen you’re writing with, the button on your shirt, that cup on your table, and every other thing on earth is a product of idea. The earth in its entirety is God’s unique idea. Where is your own idea? Let’s look at how you can generate ideas. This process was inspired by Brian Tracy and Peter Chee.15 Laws of Money

1. Engage In Mind-Stimulating Exercise. Here are some key questions to stimulate your creativity and provoke ideas. Take few minutes to write your own answers to each question before moving on.

A. What are your three most important goals in life right now?
B. What are your three most pressing problems right now?
C. Describe the ideal outcome you desire from a problem facing you right now.
D. What one thing would you dare to attempt if you knew you could not fail?
E. What do you really want to do with your life? These questions will stimulate your creativity and open your mind to generate uncommon ideas.

2. Organize a Brainstorming Session. Thinking is a big challenge to an average African. We can talk from now to next week, but we cannot sit down and think. Brainstorming is a powerful technique for developing synergy in an organization. The chief responsibility for effective managers and leaders in general is the ability to conduct regular brainstorming sessions focused on business improvements. The process of brainstorming is simple:

A. The ideal number for a brainstorming session is four to seven people.
B. The length of the session should be 15 to 45 minutes long. Thirty minutes is optimal.
C. Define the question or problem clearly so that everyone knows and agrees.
D. Write down the idea so everyone can see it during the session.Increasing_Your_Capacity_for_Exploits

E. Strive for the greatest number of ideas, without evaluation. Don’t stop to judge or question them, just try for as many ideas or solutions as you can generate in the time allocated.
F. Accept every idea without comment, except to say something like, “That’s a good idea!” to encourage more ideas. The more people laugh in a brainstorming session the more likely you are to come up with great ideas.

G. Appoint a recorder who writes down every idea no matter how wild the idea may sound, for evaluation later.
H. The leader acts only as the facilitator and does not dominate the conversation. The facilitator encourages everybody to contribute. If you’re the manager and leader, the less you say the better.
I. If you’re also the recorder, just add your ideas silently to the list.

At the end of the brainstorming session, gather up all the ideas for evaluation at a later time, preferable by someone who was not a participant in the session. This step helps to keep ego out of the process. This process can be applied to individuals and organizations. Probably your business is no longer thriving and you’re worried, kindly engage in a brainstorming session to ascertain the cause.

I have always emphasized that not very problem was caused by the devil. One hour brainstorming session can take care of thirty days midnight warfare. I strongly believe that God gave you brain so that He can have rest in heaven. Your brain contains the solution to most of the challenges that are punching you on the face right now. Make use of your brain today. If you refuse to do mental work, you will definitely engage in menial work! Thinkers are winners. I will show you two more ways to generate uncommon ideas tomorrow. Wisdom is profitable to direct!

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