Welcome to #InspireAfricaProject! People struggle with anxiety and depression because they failed to enjoy where God has brought them, while aspiring to achieve greater things in life. Your yesterday is in the tomb, your tomorrow is in the womb and all you have is today. To succeed in your today, you should inspire yourself with your past accomplishments. Am not saying you should sit in the house to admire your past successes, but to be motivated by them. If you succeeded in executing N300 million contract in the past, it will definitely give you the courage to go for N3 billion contract in future! It’s true that you have not reached your destination, but you are no longer where you used to be!

This powerful story by Norman Vincent Peale encapsulates today’s discussion “A fifty-two year old man I consulted was in a great despondency. He revealed utter despair. He informed me that everything he had built up over his lifetime has been swept away. “Everything?” I asked. “Everything,” he repeated. “I have nothing left at all. Everything is gone. There is no hope, and I am too old to start all over again. I have lost all faith.” 1(2)

Naturally I felt sympathetic toward him, but it was evident that his chief trouble was the fact that dark shadows of hopelessness had entered his mind and discoloured his outlook, distorting it. Behind this twisted thinking his true powers had retreated, leaving him without force. So I said, “suppose we take a piece of paper and write down the values you have left.” “There is no use, he sighed. I don’t have a single thing left. I thought I told you that.”

I said, let’s just see anyway. Then I asked, “Is your wife still with you?” “Why, yes, of course, and she is wonderful. We have been married for thirty years. She would never leave me no matter how bad things are.” All right, let us put that down- your wife is still with you and she will never leave you no matter what happens.

“How about your children? Got any children?” “Yes, he replied, I have three and they are certainly wonderful. I have been touched by the way they have come to me and said, ‘Dad, we love you, and we will stand by you.'” Well then, I said, that is number two- three children who love you and who will stand by you.

“Got any friends?” I asked. “Yes, he said, I really have some fine friends. I must admit they have been pretty decent. They have come around and said they would like to help me, but what can they do? They can’t do anything.” That is number three-you have some friends who would like to help you and who hold you in esteem.

“How about your integrity? Have you done anything wrong?” “My intergrity is alright, he replied. I have always tried to do the right thing and my confidence is clear” Alright, I said, we will put that down as number four- integrity. “How about your health?” “My health is alright, he answered. I have had very few sick days and I guess I am in pretty good shape physically.” So let’s put it down as number five- good physical health.Inspire Africa Project

“How about the United States of America? Do you think it’s still doing business and is the land of opportunity?” “Yes, he said. It is the only country in the world I would want to live in.” That is number six- you live in the United States, land of opportunity, and you are glad to be here.

“Then I asked, how about your religious faith? Do you believe in God and that God will help you?” “Yes, he said. I do not think I could have gotten through this at all if I hadn’t some help from God. Now I said, let’s list the assets we have figured out:

1. A wonderful wife- married for thirty years.
2. Three devoted children who will stand by you.
3. Friends who will help you and who hold you in esteem.
4. Integrity- nothing to be ashamed of.
5. Good physical health.
6. Live in the United States, the greatest country in the world.
7. Have religious faith.

I shoved it across the table at him. Take a look at that. I guess you have quite a total assets. I thought you told me everything had been swept away. He grinned ashamedly. “I guess I didn’t think of those things. I never thought of it that way. Perhaps things aren’t so bad at that,” he said pensively. “Maybe I can start all ever again if I can just get some confidence, if I can get the feel of some power within me.”

Well he got it, and he did start all over again. But he did so only when he changed his viewpoint, his mental attitude. Faith swept away his doubts, and more than enough power to overcome all his difficulties emerged from within him.” So you can see that the man was hopeless because he failed to count his blessings.

If you want to know that you’re not a failure, kindly take a piece of paper and write down all the things the Lord has done for you all through your life, and you will be amazed. One of the demons that causes hopelessness and anxiety is unnecessary competition and comparison. I have always told people that our destinies are unique. All you have to do is to compete with yourself. Celebrate other people’s exploits, and possibly learn from them, but never ever compete with them because your destiny is different from others!

Above all, cast all your cares and worries to God and He will deal with them. Kindly breath in and out for about three times wherever you are right now, and say to yourself, “I am a winner, a pacesetter, trailblazer, pathfinders, history maker, generational transformer and a winner!” Don’t ever look down on yourself from today because you are better than billions of people across the world. Whenever anxiety knocks on your door from today, kindly tell it to check the next door! Welcome to the world of unlimited possibilities!

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