Welcome to #InspireAfricaProject! If all believers in Africa can spend one hour on daily basis to intercede for nations, we will definitely make uncommon impact in our continent. Unfortunately, we don’t care about the society. We are self-centered Christians. All we do every week is to gather in the church to pray for our challenges.

There are millions of Christian across Africa who have never prayed for someone since they became Christians. Just imaging the level of impact we will make in our cities and nations if we can spend one hour daily asking God to empty every brothel in Africa. There will be sudden scarcity of prostitutes! We can stop every armed robbery gang from operating and close leadership doors against all corrupt politicians in our nations.

Dr. Frank Laubach developed a special kind of intercession. One of his methods is to walk down the street and “shoot” prayers at people. He calls this type of praying, flash prayer. He bombards passerby with prayers, sending out thoughts of goodwill and love. He says that people passing him on the street as he shoots prayers at them often turn around and look at him and smile. They feel the emanation of power like electrical energy.

Once he was sitting behind a man who seemed to be very gloomy. He had noticed when he entered the bus that the man was not happy. He began to send out prayers of goodwill towards the man. Suddenly the man began to stroke the back of his head, and when he left the bus, the sadness in his face was gone and smile has repeated it. Dr. Laubach believes that he has often changed the entire atmosphere of a car or bus full of people by the process of spreading love and prayers all around the place.The Pursuit of Excellence By Ifeanyi AC Eze

Norman Vincent Peale equally shared his own experience. “In a Pullman club car a half-intoxicated man was quite rude, talking in an overbearing manner and generally making himself obnoxious. I felt that everyone in the car took a dislike to him. Halfway down the car from him I determined to shoot prayers at him.

So I started to pray for him, meanwhile visualizing his better self and sending out thoughts of goodwill toward him. For no seemingly apparent reason, the man turned in my direction and gave me a most disarming smile, and raised his hand in the gesture of salute. His attitude changed and he became quiet. I have every reason to believe that the prayer thoughts effectively reached out toward him.”

He also narrated an incident that shows how intercession can transform lives. “There was a man, an alcoholic, with whom I had been working. He had been sober for about six months. He was on a business trip, and one Tuesday afternoon about four o’clock I had a strong impression that he was in trouble. This man dominated my thoughts. I felt something drawing me, so I dropped everything and started praying for him. I prayed for about half an hour, then the impression seemed to let up and I discontinued my prayers.

A few days later he telephoned me. “I have been in Boston all week,” he said, “and I want you to know I’m still sober, but early in the week I had a very hard time.” “Was it on Tuesday at four o’clock?” I asked. Astonished, he replied, “Why, yes, how did you show? Who told you?” “Nobody told me,” I replied. “That is, no human told me.” I described my feelings concerning him on Tuesday at four o’clock and told him about praying for half an hour.

He was astounded, and explained, “I was at the hotel and stopped in front of the bar. I had a terrible struggle within myself. I thought of you, for I needed help badly right then, and I started to pray.” Those prayers starting out from him reached me, and I began to pray for him. Both of us joining in prayer completed the circuit and reached God, and the man got his answer in the form of strength to meet the crises. And what did he do? He went to a drugstore, bought a box of candy, and ate all of it without stopping. That pulled him through, he declared-“prayer and candy.”12-Pillars-pillars-of-success

Any time the thought of an individual fills your heart, it simply means the the Holy Spirit wants you to intercede for that person. I don’t mean whenever you remember someone, but when the thought of that person occupies your heart for a long time. It happens to me all the time. I remember the day the thought of an individual who is facing danger occupied my heart. I stopped what I was doing and prayed for whoever the person was, and am sure God intervened in his or her case.

Stop complaining about the economic situation in Nigeria and start praying for supernatural intervention. It’s very clear that the government is bereft of idea on how to deal with the situation. Take it to God in prayer. Stop lamenting about your wayward daughter, take her case to God and ask Him to set her free. Stop lamenting about your wayward son, ask God to touch his life. Wake up at midnight and lay your hands on him while he is sleeping and send the demon that is manipulating him back to hell. I encourage you to make sure you intercede for someone before you go to bed on daily basis. Wisdom is profitable to direct. Keep soaring!

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