Welcome to #InspireAfricaProject! Anytime I travel down to the village, I usually pay attention to things some of us may not consider. I usually move around to see the mansions that were built when we were growing up, and the cars that was reigning then. Doing this has helped me to understand life better. One of the houses I saw recently was completely dilapidated. I saw another one that I cannot even look at if you give it to me for free. Guess what? I saw the Range Rover that was reigning then, and I couldn’t believe what I saw.

Today’s treatise is not designed to show you how useless material things are. I want a good car, nice house, good clothes and other stuff, but most importantly, I want to leave a good legacy for the next generation! Few days ago, I watched Kenneth Hagin’s 80th birthday that was organized by his son and others in 1997. What moved me was not really the event, but the generals he successfully raised before died. Anyone that teaches faith today is directly or indirectly connected to Kenneth Hagin.

God’s servants like Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, John and Dodie Osteen (parents of Joel Osteen) and many other ministers around the world testified how God used Kenneth Hagin to change their lives. While watching that event I said to myself, although this man is dead, but he is still alive.covers-book-1

Kenneth Hagin is still living through the voices of David Oyedepo, Bill Winston, Kenneth Copeland, Poju Oyemade, and many other global voices. He started the Word of Faith Movement which was originally introduced by E. W Kenyon, and raised thousands of followers who are transferring the same movement to the next generation! That’s is the true meaning of legacy.

It is estimated that about 360,000 children are born daily, and 151,600 people die daily worldwide. So there are 15,000 births each hour, and 6,316 deaths each hour. One day you will be one of them. What values are you leaving behind for the next generation? God did not create you to just struggle for what to eat and what to wear, you are here for a specific assignment, and until you discover and maximize it, life will remain a burden.

Living for self is the pathway to the land of nobodies! Champions are not interested in just meeting their needs but on how to meet the needs of others. By meeting the needs of others, their own needs are met, and they usually immotalize their names in the process. There are people who are alive but we cannot remember them; but there are those who died over 200 years ago but we can’t forget them.

Jesus lived a very short life, but His impact is still speaking till tomorrow. Before He left, He set up a team of twelve people who would understudy Him. He taught these twelve men for three-and-half-years, died, rose back to life, appeared to those men for final instruction, and went straight to heaven. These men took what Jesus taught them to the ends of the earth. Today, there are over three billion Christians on earth. The result of the legacy Jesus left behind.covers-book-3

Don’t just appear and disappear from the world scene. Touch lives, transform your generation and make the world a better place. Sir Isaac Newton gave us the law of gravity, calculus, law of motion and many other inventions. Alexander Flaming gave us penicilin. Sir James Simpson gave us the chloroform which is used to induce patients to sleep during surgery.

R. G Letourneau gave us the earth moving machine, and Orville and Wilbur Wright, the two sons of a bishop gave us the airplane! What are you giving to the world before you die? It is your impact while alive that writes your name in the hearts of men forever! I will show you three kinds of legacies you must leave for the next generation from tomorrow. See you at the top!

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