Welcome to #InspireAfricaProject! Procrastination is the number one criminal in the world. It has rendered potential giants useless in life. Procrastination assures people that things will be alright one day. It encourages people to keep waiting for breakthrough until everything around them breaks down! The easiest way to become useless in life is to make Mr. Procrastination your best friend.

One of the most precious gifts that God gave to us is time. The major assignment of Mr. Procrastination is to tell you that time doesn’t matter, it’s just a means of counting days and months. Some potential pacesetters are crawling today because Mr. Procrastination is their best friend.

So the books they wanted to published five years ago is still gathering dust inside their brains, because the passion to write it was stolen by Mr. Procrastination! The conferences and seminars they wanted to organised are now in the custody of Mr. Procrastination. The songs that should be transforming lives across the world today are now the property of Mr. Procrastination. The idea that should be be blessing humanity by now has gone forever because the person that generated the idea chose to visit Mr. Procrastination for counselling. The marriage that should have taken place five years ago is resting in the achives of Mr. Procrastination because the two people involve didn’t act fast.

The number one armed robber that security agents around the world have failed to arrest is Mr. Procrastination! The world would have become a better place if people did not postpone what they should have accomplished immediately to another day. Sometimes people behave as if they are going to live forever on earth, forgetting that our time here is very short. God created time and handed it over to man to thrive and make lasting impact, if you fail to maximize it immediately, it will be lost forever. How can we arrest and kill Mr. Procrastination?1(2)

1. Everyday Must Count. Yesterday is in the tomb, tomorrow is in the womb, the most important day of your life is called, today. You must understand that today is the tomorrow you talked about yesterday. That means, you must see today as the most important day of your life if you really want to fulfil your destiny in a grand style! Live your life as if there will never be another day.

As you wake up every morning, prepare yourself as a soldier who has the last opportunity to wipe out his enemies. Pursue your daily tasks with the brutality of a bulldog! Whatever you are hoping to start tomorrow must be accomplished right now! If you miss this day, you have lost the golden opportunity to make your life count. Can’t you see that the only day you have in this life is called today?

Look at how some of us live our lives. Yesterday some of us said tomorrow, and suddenly they crossed over to that tomorrow and called it today. Unfortunately, they will stand in that today and postpone what they should have accomplished that day to another tomorrow, and when they get to that tomorrow, they will call it today. Many people are stranded today because they lost unaccountable opportunities to scale new heights in life. They believed that there is another day called, tomorrow!Uncommon Wisdom Academy

Anyone that succeeds in encouraging you to postpone what you should do today to another day has succeeded in destroying your enviable destiny. The greatest attack in life is not that somebody died in an accident, but buying into the lie that there is another day that is better than today. If you must make your life count, everyday must count, because your tomorrow will soon become today!

Pablo Picasso said; “Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.” Karen Lamb puts it this way; “A year from now you may wish you had started today.” Wayne Gretzky concludes today’s discussion this way; “Procrastination is one of the most common and deadliest of diseases, and it’s toll on success and happiness is heavy.” What else should we do? To be continued. Welcome to the world of unlimited possibilities!

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