Welcome to #InspireAfricaProject! The solution to every issue in life are buried in your mind. Ideas that can transform a generation and immortalize your name are crying for expression in your brain. This world is a product of God’s idea. Everything around us, ranging from cars, airplanes, mobile phones, computers, the clothes on your back, the chair you are sitting on right now, the bed you slept on last night, and every other thing you are looking at right now are products of someones idea. Ideas were buried in your mind by God on the very day He created you, but it takes creative thinking to gain access to them.

“The top executives of an organization comprising of four people developed uncommon strategy to generate ideas. At a regular intervals these men have what they call an idea session, the purpose of which is to tap all the creative ideas lurking in the minds of any of the four. For this session they use a room without telephones, intercoms, or other usual office equipment. The double window is fully insulated so that street noises are for the most part eliminated.

Before starting the session the group spends ten minutes in silent prayer and meditation. They conceive of God as creatively working in their minds. Each in his own way silently prays, affirming that God is about to release from his mind the proper ideas needed in the business.

Following the quiet period all start thinking, pouring out ideas that have come to their minds. Memos of the ideas are written upon cards and thrown on the table. No one is permitted to criticize any idea at this particular juncture for argument might stop the flow of creative thought. The cards are gathered up and each one is evaluated at a later session.The Entrepreneur

When the practice was inaugurated a high percent of the ideas suggested proved to be without particular value, but as the sessions continued the percentage of good ideas increased. Now many of the best suggestions which have later demonstrated their practical value were evolved in the ideas session. One of the executives explained that they have come up with insights that not only show on our balance sheet but we have also gained a new feeling of confidence. Moreover, there is a deeper feeling of fellowship among the four of us and this has spread to others in the organization.”~Norman Vincent Peale.

Some us thinks that prayer is designed for asking God for blessings, prosperity, promotion and healing, but we don’t know that it’s a supernatural device to generate uncommon ideas. I will always talk about having a thinking time because I have generated uncommon ideas and instructions by engaging in it. Don’t ever be in a hurry whenever you are in the presence of God. Spend quality time in feasting on God’s Word and prayer, and don’t forget to engage in quality meditation.

If you’re the type that talks from morning to night, it will be difficult for you to engage in creative thinking. Learn to talk less and task your brain to produce wonders for you. Your brain a labour saving device. It will save you from many hours of unnecessary labour if you can task it to produce results for you. Create your own thinking time and follow it religiously. If you’re building a house, don’t ever forget to add thinking room to it. Pray as long as you can, but don’t forget to think. Welcome to the world of unlimited possibilities!15 Laws of Money

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