Welcome to #InspireAfricaProject! Nobody wakes up and find himself at the top, you must be ready to cross difficult barriers. Before a beautiful butterfly can emerge, it has to go through excruciating pain to come out of the cocoon! Before an ugly caterpillar can metarmorphose into a beautiful butterfly, it must go through a painful process.

Caterpillar is ugly and it crawls, but the butterfly is beautiful and it flies too. How can a crawling and ugly caterpillar metarmorphose into a beautiful butterfly? Let me simplify the answer. The wings of the butterfly are like fluid in its stomach, and to compound it’s problem, the hole it has to pass through in the abdomen of the caterpillar is always smaller than the butterfly.

So the butterfly usually go through painful process to come out. Why? For the butterfly to fly, it needs wings which are in its stomach. To make the wings come out, it has to pass through a tiny hole which will press hard on its stomach and force the fluid to stretch out and turn into wings! Failure to do that, the butterfly will never fly when it comes out! (The full story is in my book, Increasing Your Capacity For Exploits). Increasing_Your_Capacity_for_Exploits

There are golden wings in each and every one of us, but to activate them, we must go through pains and challenges. We have the ability to soar, but we need challenges to strengthen our wings! It’s difficult to become a heavyweight boxing champion without engaging in a heavyweight exercise. Most Africans are poor because we spend all our time praying for prosperity when we should be working. Yes, prayer is important, but for you to receive the answer to your prayers, you must face daunting tasks and challenges!

You must understand that there is no free launch in this life, not even in Freetown. The more you run away from challenges, the more you abandon your prosperity. The harder you work, the more you equip your wings to withstand the storms of life. No matter how long you fast and pray, God will never do your work for you.

Hope you still remember that Jesus was a professional furniture maker? If your Saviour had a profession, what is your own profession? The lazier you are, the heavier your poverty! The harder you work, the higher you fly! There is a price for the prize. Your readiness to face challenges will determine the position you will occupy in your generation.

David became a celebrity in his generation because of his readiness to face big challenges. He was asked to take charge of his father’s cattle ranch alone in the wilderness and he never argued. Although it was a daunting task for a seventeen year old young man, but he accepted the challenge. 1(2)

In his desperation to find ways of defending himself and the flock against wild animals, he transformed his sling into a powerful weapon. So risk takers are uncommon inventors and creative workers. Suddenly, a lion came for lunch, and grabbed a lamb, David pursued after it, used the sling to kill the lion and rescued the lamb. He did the same thing to a bear and protected his fathers flock.

One day, the opportunity to taste the sling in a bigger platform showed up, and David defeated a giant that was harassing the people of Israel. His boldness and readiness to confront challenges gave him the opportunity to become a national hero at seventeen! You cannot stand out in your generation if you’re afraid to take painful steps! To become a star you must be ready to have some scars on your body. Greatness is not sold in any market, you must pay the required price to attain it. Kindly order for these two materials; Increasing Your Capacity for Exploits (book), and Work Ethics 101 (dvd). See you st the top!

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