Welcome to #InspireAfricaProject! Several years ago, I discovered that the easiest way to accomplish any meaningful thing in this life is to take the first step. Wether you want to propose to a lady, build a house, connect with someone, create your own application or become an international businessman, the most important step is the first one.

I discovered that if you keep postponing the day you will take action, you will never generate ideas to make it happen. But the very day you step out, you will generate some ideas that will shock you. For example, you will never plan for your wedding until you fix a date. The very day you fix a date, ideas to make it happen will start paying you a special visit.

You will never build a house until you buy some bags of cement and clear the building site. The very day you take this step, the ideas to raise money will begin to pop-up on your mind. If you ask anyone who built a house how he did it, he will tell you the same thing. There is something powerful about the first step. It ignites passion in you. It kills fear and doubt. It sets you free to make your vision happen. Procrastination is an enemy of progress!

In every big decision, the mind battles with itself- to act or not to act, to do or not to do. Many battles that would determine whether you will succeed or not are actually the battle of the mind. One part of your mind will tell you to take things easy, the other part will tell you to act. Always obey the part that tells you to act. Here’s how one young fellow stepped out and reaped big rewards.

“J. M’s situation is similar to that of a million other young men. He is in his twenties, has a wife and child, and still has only a modest income. Mr. and Mrs. J. M lived in a small apartment. Both wanted a new home. They wanted the advantage of more space, clearer surroundings, a place for the youngster to play, and a chance to build up equity in their own property.

But there was a hitch to buying a new home- the down payment. One day as J. M was writing next month’s rent check he became very disgusted with himself. He observed that the rent payment was as much as monthly payments on a new home.

J. M called his wife and said, “How would you like to buy a new home next week?” “What’s got into you?” she asked. “Why make jokes? You know we can’t. We haven’t even got the money for the down payment.”15 Laws of Money

But J. M was determined. “There are hundreds of thousands of couples like us who are going to buy a new home some day, but only about half of them ever do. Something always comes up to stop them. We’re going to buy a home. I don’t know yet how we will raise the down payment, but we will.”

Well, the next week they found a house they both liked, quite unpretentious but nice, for $1,200 down. Now the obstacles was to find a way to raise $1,200. J. M knew he couldn’t borrow it through the usual channels, for this would encumber his credit so that he couldn’t get a mortgage for the sake price.

When there is a will there is always a way. Suddenly, J. M got a brainstorm: why not contact the builder and work out a private loan arrangement for $1,200? This J. M did. At first, the builder was cold to the idea, but J. M persisted. Finally, it was agreed. The builder would, in effect, advance J. M the $1,200, to be repaid at $100 a month plus interest.

Now all J. M had to do was to find $100 a month. Mr. and Mrs. J. M sharpened their pencils and figured out a way to cut expenditures by $25 a month. But that still left $75, which J. M would have to raise each month.

Then J. M got another idea. The next morning he went in to see his boss. He explained to his employer what he was doing. His boss was glad to learn that J. M was going to buy a new home.

Then J. M said, “Look, Mr. T., to work this deal out, I’ve got to earn at least $75 more each month. Now, I know you’ll give me a raise when you feel that I deserve it. What I want now is just a chance to earn more money. There are some things around here that could best be done on weekends. Will you make it possible for me to work then?”The Entrepreneur

The employer was impressed with J. M’s sincerity and ambition. He proposed a way for J. M to work ten extra hours each weekend, and Mr. And Mrs. J. M moved into their new home.” What happened to this family is simple; the resolution to buy a home sent signals to the mind to generate solutions on how to raise the money. Until he took a step to buy the house, the various ideas to raise the money wouldn’t have surfaced.

The resolution to take action ignited his mind to think of ways to accomplish his goal. J. M succeeded in providing his wife and child the living standard they deserved. Had he waited, postponed buying the house until conditions were perfect, there is a real possibility they never would have owned a home of their own.

Dear friend, is there any goal or vision you want to accomplish? The right time to take action is now. If you keep waiting for perfect condition, you will never get anything done in this life. Until you step out by faith, your plans and visions will never materialize. So what are you waiting for? Write that book, buy that house, call that business partner, propose to that lady, travel for that holiday, connect with that international business partner, enroll into that academy, attend that conference, just do it! And please, do it now!

I usually say that faith is your ability to jump, and hope that net will appear before you reach the ground. If you keep waiting for the net to appear beneath, you will never jump. Dear friend, kindly jump. Yes, I mean, take that action right now. Yes, do it! As long as you have strategized on what to do, kindly do it.

What if I fail? Well, you must fail. Why? Because failure is the first rung on the ladder of success! Life will throw bricks at you. My advice is, collect the bricks and construct pathways to your destination. The easiest way to succeed in life is to increase the frequency of your failures. Just step out like Mr. J. M, and your mind will find ways to accomplish the rest. Don’t forget to join me at the Inspire Africa Project Conference this Sunday, 30th July, 2017. The full information is on the handbill below. See you at the top!

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