Welcome to #KingdomManna on #InspireAfricaProject! Although many people will always return evil for evil, but I believe love will always win. Several years ago, I parked my car in a secured place and went into my office. Unfortunately, a man slept off while driving and hit my car, and ripped it apart. In fact, it was beyond repairs. When I saw it, the first thing I experienced was peace of mind.

Secondly, I said to myself, I am bigger than this car. Let it go! The man walked up to me and agreed to pay for the repairs. Unfortunately, he paid only ones and never called me again till today. The good thing is, I sold the car over ten years ago and God has been providing cars for me since then. Did I loose anything? Nothing! In fact I gained everything. I gained peace of mind, never called police and I have a better car today. And I never sent Holy Ghost fire to kill the man. I saw him on the television one day, and asked God to bless him.

Norman Vincent Peale shared a story that shows how love can provoke heaven. “For years Bill, worked hard until he finally reached the rung next to the top of the ladder in his company. He was in line for the presidency of the firm and felt certain that upon retirement of the president he would be promoted to that position. However, when the appointment was made, he was bypassed. A man was brought in from the outside to fill the post.Higher Life in Christ Jesus By Ifeanyi AC Eze

I arrived in his city just after the incident. The wife, Mary, was in an especially vindictive state of mind. At dinner she bitterly outlined all that she would like to tell them. The intense disappointment, humiliation, frustration, focused in burning anger which the poured out to her husband and me. Bill, on the contrary, was quiet. Obviously hurt, disappointed, and bewildered, he took it courageously.

Mary wanted him to resign immediately. She urged him to tell them off and tell them plenty, then quit. Bill didn’t want to take that kind of step, saying perhaps it was for the best and he would go along with the new man and help him in any way that he could. The wife then turned to me and asked what I would do. I told her that I would, like herself, undoubtedly feel disappointed and hurt, but that I would try not to allow hate to creep in, for animosity not only corrodes the soul, but disorganized thought processes as well.

I suggested that what we needed was Divine guidance, a wisdom beyond ourselves in this situation. I suggested, therefore, that we have a few minutes of quietness, no one saying anything, that we sit quietly in an attitude of fellowship and prayer, turning our thoughts to the One who said, “Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

It was not easy for the wife to accommodate. After few minutes, I suggested the we join hands, even though we were in a public restaurant I will quietly offer a prayer. In the prayer I asked God for guidance. I requested peace of mind for Bill and Mary, and I went a step further and even asked God’s blessing upon the new appointee. I also prayed that Bill would be able to fit in with the new administration and give more effective service than before.

After the prayer we sat silent for a time, then with a sigh the wife said, “Yes, I guess that is the way to do it. When I knew you were coming to dinner with us I feared that you would tell us to take Christian position on this. Frankly, I didn’t feel like doing that. I was boiling inwardly, but of course I realized that the right answer to this problem is to be found through that approach. I will try it faithfully, as difficult as it may be.” She smiled.

From time to time I checked with them and found that while everything was not entirely as they desired, they gradually became fairly contented under the new arrangement. They were able to overcome their disappointment and ill will. Bill even confided to me that he liked the new man and in a way enjoyed working with him. He told me that the new president often called him in for consultation and seemed to lean on him. Mary was nice to the president’s wife, and in fact they went to the fullest extent to be cooperative.

Two years passed. One day I arrived their city and telephoned them. “Oh, I am so excited I can hardly speak,” Mary said. I said that anything that could put her in that state must be of unusually importance. She said, “Oh, the most wonderful thing has happened. The president has been selected by another company at a big promotion for a special job which will take him out of our organization into a much better position and guess what? Bill has just been notified that he is now the president of his company. Come over right away and let the three of us give thanks together.”

If Bill had resigned because of what happened, he would have regretted it the rest of his life. But by loving the man and his wife, and even supported him, provoked heaven and the position become vacant. Hatred is one of the most stupid acts known to man because it’s not even good for your health. That’s why Jesus said that we should love our enemies. Instead of sending fire to consume that man that hates you, send love to him. Ask God to bless him just like Bill and Mary did and you will provoke supernatural intervention! Welcome to the week of supernatural intervention! You are blessed and highly lifted!

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