Welcome to #InspireAfricaProject! Am sure the moment some of us saw the topic of today’s discussion, they wondered why I chose to place a curse on them this Monday. Am sure others will say, “instead of writing a powerful prophetic blessing for us to type a very long ameeeeeeen, he is placing a curse on us.” If you truly want to understand today’s discussion, kindly visit either Aliko Dangote, Larry Page, Sergy Brin or Mark Zuckerberg and ask how they became billionaires.

Am sure they won’t tell you that they drank anointing oil, ate mustard seeds, or shouted a very loud amen to a powerful prophetic declarations! Am sure they will tell you how many sleepless nights and toiling they went through. And am sure they will also tell you what it takes to remain where they are right now. If you hear the story of some rich people, you might chose to become poor the rest of your life. Some of them go to the office by 7AM and return home by 1AM the following morning.

Can’t you see that although African is the most religious continent on earth, but poverty is walking on two legs on virtually every nation? The largest gathering of Christians in the world takes place in Africa. The people that fast more, pray more, go to the mountain to pray more are found in Africa, yet communist nations are dominating us economically. Virtually every thing we use in this continent, including our Bibles are produced in China.covers-book-1

Some time in 2015, the Chinese president, Xi Jinping gathered African leaders in South Africa and pledged $60 billion development fund in Africa as part of what Chinese and African leaders called “win-win cooperation.” That win-win cooperation simply means that China will give us money and exploit our continent. Can’t you see that the second phase of colonization, this time around, economic colonization is going on in Africa, courtesy of China and India?

After the Chinese president made the pledge, Robert Mugabe, the president of Zimbabwe said; “Here is a man representing a country once called poor, a country which was never our coloniser. He is doing to us what we expected those who colonized us yesterday to do. Well we will say he is a God-sent person.” Is that statement not an indictment on Africa as a whole? A poor nation has become very rich without drinking any anointing oil, and they are exploiting a continent that bathe with oil.

Why should a communist nation dominate a highly spiritual people? The answer is simple. The spiritual people are looking for an external force that would work for them, make money on their behalf, cook for them, and even sleep on their behalf. No wonder the most used words among Christians are favour, breakthrough, and prophecy. Almost all of us head to the church to shout either amen to a prophecy or to claim it. It is very difficult to hear words like, ideas, creativity, thinking, hard work and legacy among Christians in Africa.

I see a lot of young people who wants to become powerful men of God overnight without going to genuine frontline ministers to ask the steps they took to get to where they are. Some of them went through twenty-one days dry fasting. Some went through one thousand days fasting. Some usually kneel down for two hours daily to study their Bibles. Others gave out all their money and properties when they launched out. The pathway to the top is very rough.

So if you ask me to pray for you right now, and I say something like; “May your way be very rough,” what will you do? Am sure you will interrupt the prayer because you believe that am placing a curse on you. But it takes challenges to become a champion. The prayer of every great man to anyone who is aspiring to become great is, “May your road be very rough.” If you avoid the rough roads of life, you can never arrive at the top.

Everybody wants to become successful without pain, that is why some people who sit on the altar will keep defrauding some Africans. Since some of us are looking for magic wands that will turn us into a millionaires over night without our input, some people will definitely provide the magic wand for you. No wonder individuals will travel all the way from France to Nigeria to purchase anointing water, prayer mat or mantle that will make them billionaires!

I believe in prophecy and prayer from the depth of my heart, but they are not magic wands. You have a part to play if you truly want to succeed in life. Anyone who wants to become very successful must be ready to face challenges. It was challenges and pain that unleashed the warrior in David. He was the youngest son of his father, but he was made to take care of his father’s cattle ranch in the bush. To survive in that bush, he had to become turf.12-Pillars-pillars-of-success

To defend the animals under his care, he transformed a slingshot into a powerful weapon. Am sure he went through many months of training to perfect the use of the slingshot. Suddenly, a lion came and grabbed a lamb, he went after it, killed it with that same slingshot and rescued the lamb. He did the same thing to a bear. The challenges he faced in the bush turned him into a rugged fighter.

When God saw that David was ready for elevation, He sent Goliath to deliver his promotion later. With that same slingshot he mastered in the bush, he killed a giant called Goliath and became famous in the land of Israel. Dear friend, if you avoid pain, you will jettison your gain. If you want the champion in you to emerge, you must be ready to fight the Goliaths of this life. If you God took Goliath away from David, he would have remain a shepherd boy the rest of his life.

Adversity is the advertising agency positioned by God to unleash the city that is crying for expression on the inside of you! May you go through rough paths that will take you straight to the top. May your Goliath agree to deliver your promotion letter. May you never run away or start looking for seers to help you when your Goliath knocks on your door. As you fight the battles of life, may you arrive at the top in Jesus matchless name! See you at the top!

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