Welcome to #InspireAfricaProject! Whenever I hear people complain that money is difficult to make I usually laugh because it’s not true. One of the easiest things you can get in life is money, but you must learn the secrets. Somebody whose idea of wealth creation is to hawk things on the traffic will definitely tell you that money is difficult to make.

An employee will tell you that money is difficult to make because he or she must wake up by 5AM daily in order to get to the office on time, and sometimes get home very late. But I have discovered that those who complain about financial scarcity uses more of their strenghts instead of their brain.

One of the largest transport companies on earth is Uber, yet they don’t have one taxi! They simply organized the booking and payment system for taxi owners worldwide, and take their own share at the end of the day. Real wealth is hidden in your thought. If you can discipline yourself and engage in creative thinking for at least one hour daily, you will generate uncommon ideas that will send poverty out of your lineage forever!bead advert

Do you know that there are consultants who are paid $1million to prepare business plan? Do you know that some lawyers in Nigeria charges over N100 million to represent people in court? Do you know that an author was paid $1million upfront to write a book? Money gravitates towards brain power, not physical strength. A man who shut down his creative ability and become a labourer in a factory will always tell you that things are hard in Nigeria, forgetting that there are some young people in that same factory who sits under the airconditioner and make all the money.

My greatest discovery in life is that our money or wealth is not far from us. I discovered that the key to your elevation in life is either inside you, or around you. A prophet died penniless and left indebtedness and slavery for his son’s because he didn’t know the value of what he had. He had a jar of oil in his house but he didn’t know the value. When his wife went to Prophet Elisha, he did not pray for her. He simply asked her, “What do you have in the house?” The woman said a jar of oil, and Elisha told her that the oil would multiply. That same jar of oil liberated her and her son’s from slavery and abject poverty.

On the very day God created you, He deposited your wealth inside you. Many people are stranded in life because they are looking for physical cash externally and failed to discover the cash that was buried on the inside. The woman ran to Elisha probably to borrow or get free money, but he told her that her wealth was begging for her attention in her house, but she didn’t see it.12-Pillars-pillars-of-success

Right where you are now, there are billions of dollars crying for expression on the inside of you. You are crying for money, but money is crying inside you. I can hear them saying, “Please release us, we don’t want to go to the cemetery with you.” The billions God deposited in you is not physical cash, it’s talents, ideas, skills, and your intelligence!

Larry Page and Sergy Brin would have lived an ordinary life and die without mining the treasures that were trapped in them. But two of them met in school and tapped the resources that were buried in them, and Google was born! If they didn’t discover what they have, am not sure they would be the owners of Google today.

If Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak did not mine the treasures that were buried in them, am sure they would have ended up unknown. But they unleashed their creative ingenuity, started small with $1,350 and gradually, their idea began to grown. Today, Apple Inc. is a multi-billion dollar corporation. Some people are actually stranded in life because they don’t want to start small. They are looking for $1 million before they can launch out. What you have right now is enough, kindly start with it!

Task your brain from today to produce wonders for you. Get what I call an idea diary, and meditate for at least, one hour daily, and your brain will produce wonders for you! Your brain has over twenty-four billion cells. There is no machine that can compete with your brain, unfortunately, you have allowed it to lie fallow.

Money is not scarce on earth, it is the scarcity of ideas that makes it look like it is scarce. Engage in creative thinking from today, and you will become a wonder to your world! E.W Kenyon said, “Make your brain work. It will sweat but it will improve. It will develop until you become the envy of the people around you.” Welcome to the world of unlimited possibilities!

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