Welcome to #InspireAfricaProject! Few years ago, somebody said to me, “how do you do this?” I replied, “do what?” He said, “Writing fresh articles almost on daily basis!” I smiled and said, “Well I killed Mr. Procrastination many years ago.” I told him that the assignment of procrastination is to urge me to postpone what am doing to another day, but my own assignment is to kill it! Until you kill procrastination you can never become whom God created you to be.

Mr. Procrastination has stolen million of books that should be transforming lives right now. It has stolen songs that were not produced, clothing line that was not established, schools that were not built, hospitals that were not built, marriages that did not take place, and many other things that died long time ago!

If you get to the cemetery right now and say to the precious people that are resting there; “What do you guys regret most?” Am sure you might get a response like; “We regret only one thing; we allowed Mr. Procrastination to ruin our enviable destinies. What we should have done before we died are here with us.” I used to submit to Mr. Procrastination some years back, but one day, I convinced myself that there is no day called tomorrow. Can’t you see that we have only one day in this life? That day is called TODAY!Higher Life in Christ Jesus By Ifeanyi AC Eze

While teaching about vision and goals (and how the habit of postponing what you should do immediately to tomorrow is ruining destinies) in our school, Uncommon Wisdom Academy few days ago, I said something that blew my mind. I said, One plus one in 2016 will give you two. One plus one in 2026 will also give you two. One plus one in 2046 will never give you three, the answer will always be two.

Now look at the point am making, you cannot get a different result using the same formula. If you want to get a different result, you must change the formula. Many people want to succeed in life, but they are not ready to do things differently. If you keep doing the same thing you’ve always done for last twenty years, and keep doing it the same way, you can pray from now to eternity, you will keep getting the same result.

It surprises me how some people would want to see changes in their lives but they are not ready to change. They are not ready to get rid of laziness and procrastination. Instead of changing their formula, they will meet someone who will sell special anointing oil and prayer mat that will suddenly turn things around for them. It’s only in this continent that someone will go for deliverance because his business is no longer thriving. The people that refuses to think will end up as prey to predators.

Anytime somebody says something like, “one day, things will change for me,” or “very soon, I will become a millionaires,” I usually ask them, how? The answer is usually, “my God will change my story.” I usually reply, how? They will say again, “a man of God prophesied into my life.” Well I believe in prophecy too, but you must understand that God can do everything, but He will not do everything for you. If you want God to change your story, you must change too.Uncommon Wisdom Academy

Dear friend, let this sink deep into your mind, A DAY CALLED ONE DAY DOES NOT EXIST! Stop waiting for things to change because it will not happen unless you change. For example, can you imagine a lady who is overweight. To get rid of the weigh, she employed a fitness coach to help her. But after every session, she will go back home and eat the same set of foods that introduced the weight in the first place. Will she ever achieve her goal? Her heart desire cannot become a reality until she changes her diet to match her expectation.

Many of us are like that lady. We want to succeed in life but we don’t want to jettison our old ways. We want to become first class graduates, but we don’t want to get rid of our old ways. We want to be promoted at the office, but we don’t want to get rid of the habits that has made us an object of mockery at the office. We want to get married, but we don’t want to get rid of our negative characters.

The number one demon that must be crushed by all means is irresponsibility. We love passing the buck. We just sit and keep waiting for a superhuman that will suddenly show up and deal with our challenges. That’s why many people are hunting for seers from one nation to the other.

Can’t you see that even our political leaders are not ready to take responsibility? It’s a culture that must be crushed if this continent must move forward. Stop waiting for things to change, take responsibility and change them. If you submit your enviable destiny to Mr. Procrastination, you must understand test you’ve lost it forever! To be continued! Wisdom is profitable to direct!

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