Welcome to #InspireAfricaProject! I strongly believe that anyone who falls to the antics of scammers is simply too desperate to succeed. I believe the individual wants to succeed without his input. That is why pool staking and sports betting have become a business to some people. If you want free money, scammers will always steal from you.

This is the message they sent to me yesterday morning while I was getting ready to travel to Abuja. “Dear customer, CBN (Central Bank of Nigeria) has blocked your ATM card due to our BVN (Bank Verification Number) system upgrade. Kindly call customer care on 08105459365 for more information.” Firstly, I don’t use ATM cards. So I replied them this way; “Dear thief, God has blocked your destiny forever. To reclaim it, kindly accept Jesus Christ into your life or you will rut in hell. Call Jesus now!”

Personally an not usually hash to people this way, but I sent that message to appeal to his or her conscience. It was that kind of people that prompted Paul to say; “Speaking lies in hypocrisy, having their own conscience seared with a hot iron.” Their conscience is dead. They sold it to the devil long ago. They don’t have human feelings any longer. Money has become their god, and they can do anything to get it.12-Pillars-pillars-of-success

Sometime ago, I received a call from someone who was very excited. While laughing he said, “Guess who is calling you from London?” With my innocent mind, I mention the name of one of my friends that lives in London. And he said, “I was wandering whether you don’t recognize my voice any longer.” At this point I actually thought I was discussing with my friend.

Then he said; “I sent some goods through someone who came back to Nigeria, he landed in Abuja, and he is on his way to Lagos, kindly go to the airport and receive the goods.” That was very enticing, isn’t it? That was when I suspected that something was amiss. To make sure he paid for wasting my time, I prolonged the discussion so that I will drain his credit. He got tired and ended the call. Scammers will only get you if you’re greedy.

Another one called one day and sounded very excited as usual. He said that he was calling from an oil and gas company in Portharcourt in respect of the contract they want to award to me. He said, “Do you remember me?” I said yes. He was very happy, and said, “Who am I?” I said, you are a thief and a criminal. He ended the call.

Anytime someone says that these scammers duped him or her, I usually tell them that a scammer met with experienced scammers. How can someone tell you to come for a contract you never submitted documents for and you followed them? How can someone send a text message telling you that you have won a competition you never participated in and you are replying them positively? Don’t be desperate to be rich, otherwise you will walk into danger with your two eyes open.

A young man shared an interesting experience with me. He said that someone came to his shop and told him that his boss wants him to bring the samples of the goods he sells to his office. The young man took some samples and followed the stranger. When they got to the place, the story changed. They told him that they wanted to turn certain papers to dollars, but the problem was how to raise money to buy the chemical.The Pursuit of Excellence By Ifeanyi AC Eze

The moment they changed the story the young man knew immediately that they were scammers. So he said to himself, I must collect the amount of money I spent on transport from this people. So he said to them, “Am interested in this deal, and I will like to invest heavily on it. I want to go to the shop and get some money immediately but I don’t have enough transport fare.” This young man ended up collecting enough money that covered every dime he spent, and went back to his shop. He scammed the scammers because he was not greedy.

Many people lost all the money they have in this world because of greed. How can you invest in what you don’t understand? Some people usually say they used juju to convince them, but if you look at it critically you will discover that it was their interest in what the scammers said that led to the manipulation. If someone stop you on the way and say some crazy stuff, the right thing to do is to shun them and keep going. My advice is simple, if it’s too good to be true kindly run for your dear life. Greed magnitizes scammers. Wisdom is profitable to direct!

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