Welcome to #MoneyWise on #InspireAfricaProject! Anytime I tell people that poverty is a choice, some spiritual people usually look at me with the corner of their eyes. They usually ask, are you saying that ancestral spirits, ancestral curses, ancestral demons, spiritual armed robbers, occult grandmadters, and spirit of poverty cannot hinder people from succeeding financially? I usually say no to their amazement. Why? Because there is a solution to all these forces of darkness. What is the solution? The Name of Jesus!

The problem with Africans is our love for drama, not the Bible. If I walk into your father’s compound this Christmas and say; “In the name of Jesus Christ, every force of darkness, ancestral curses and covenant, I bind you right now and send you back to hell; and I declare this family free in Jesus name”, will you believe that you’re now free?

Many will not believe until I charge them N200,000, ask them to buy green, white and black candles, incense, salt, kerosene, one cartons of malt and some cartons of beer. The problem is not the devil, it is you kowing how to create wealth after the forces of darkness have been sent out of your life and family. Some people have brought eight sets of people to conduct family liberation prayer in their family, yet they are still poor. After breaking the curse, you must know what to do to create wealth.12-Pillars-pillars-of-success

Poverty is a choice. Prosperity is also a choice. A young man came to beg for money after speaking somewhere last week. I said to him, “You don’t need money or food, what you need is the knowledge of how to make your own money.” I gave him N500 and told him to eat with N200 and buy some bags of pure water and start selling them. I watched him to make sure he bought the water before leaving. After praying for him, I told him that these few bags of water can turn you into a wealthy person if you can hustle with all your might.

These young men that usually come into Lagos, Portharcourt and Abuja from Chad to work as security men have shown us that poverty is a choice. They usually come with a sack, or just fold their clothes, jump into a lorry (trailer) and travel to either to Lagos, Portharcourt or Abuja to work as maigurd in different houses.

The moment they’re paid, they will call a carpenter to put together a makeshift table for them, and they will go to the market and buy biscuit, candy, pure water and other stuff that children would like, and business starts. Within few months, these same men that came to Lagos on that back of a trailer will construct a kiosk, buy refrigerator, send money home to their relatives, buy farmland to create more wealth.

Unfortunately, some of us are waiting for N500,000 or a million naira before we can launch out. That’s why many people heap all manner of allegations on the devil. How can a man who is not sick sit in the house daily to wait for his breakthrough? How can a normal human being who is not sick or mad move around to beg?

Many people usually lament about the lack of capital. People call me all the time to say things like, “My elder brother is wealthy but he doesn’t want to give me some capital to establish my own business.” “Others say something like, “am from a poor family, I don’t have anyone to help me.” Or something like, “I started business and everything collapsed because there is a force against me.”15 Laws of Money

I hear these things almost daily basis. My anger is not what they are saying, but that a full grown man is sitting in the house and keep looking for excuses for his failure. Let me share with you some business ideas you don’t need capital to start.

1. Car Wash. I have conducted several research on this business and I discovered that it is lucrative. What most people who are into car wash business do is to look for someone who can invest in their skill. The person will pay for the space, and construct makeshift well, and get second hand machine that will pump water for them and the business starts. All the young men need is their ability to wash cars. I learnt from them that the proceed will be shared equal.

You can even start without the things I mentioned. I have washed my car at some places where they do not have well. The guys hustle to get water somewhere and wash the cars. In some parts of Lagos, they charge N500 per car, in some other parts they charge more. If you can wash fifty cars daily, that will be N25,000. I found out that they usually wash more than that on daily basis.

Lets assume you settle those who are helping you out with N10,000 on daily basis, in the next one year, you will make N5,475,000! Over N5 million. Lets assume you don’t wash up to that number of cars on daily basis, you are definitely going to make at least N2 million annually! And if you’re wise enough, and discipline your spending habit, you can establish your own business in one or two years time.

There is money in Nigeria, it’s just that people are top focused on demons and enemies and they cannot see the money. Some Lebanese came into Nigeria broke, but today they have employed Nigerians as their drivers and chef. I am sure that someone who is reading this article right now might be saying; “how can a whole graduate and anointed servant of God like me wash cars?” Well, you must understand that poverty is not a respecter of either anointing or certificate.Increasing_Your_Capacity_for_Exploits

Dear friend, wake up and smell the coffee. If your brother, siblings, uncle, niece, nephew, distanced cousin and far cousin refused to help you, kindly help yourself. I have always maintained that anyone who wants to create wealth must be a hustler. Many sit in a corner and lament all day long as if the world is owing them. In this life, If you fail it’s your choice, if you succeed it’s equally your choice. Make your choice today. To be continued.

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