Welcome to Inspire Africa Project! We used to say that opportunity come but once, but we have discovered that opportunities show up everyday, it’s just that we are not ready to maximize them! As you move around on daily basis, uncommon opportunities are calling for your attention but you failed to notice them because you are looking for raw cash.

Whenever you pray for breakthrough, God usually arrange wealth creation opportunities around you, unfortunately you are too focused on breakthrough to see the uncommon opportunities. When Abuja was created as the capital on Nigeria, a plot of land was sold below N500. Although it didn’t make sense to buy land then, but some intelligent people invested heavily in real estate believing that one day, they will reap the harvest.

A man purchased some properties at the place we call Maitama today for N24,000, he sold that property few years ago for N1.2 billion! Opportunities are starring you in the face while reading this article right now, but the problem is you are not prepared for it.

“In his book Live Your Dream, Les Brown tells a story of how he dreamed of becoming a popular Miami disc jockey. “When I set out,” he says, “I had no idea how I would do it, but I knew life would present the opportunities if I was prepared and in a position to take advantage of them.”

Les shadowed his high school drama teacher, learning as much as he could about linguistics. Together, they worked on Les’s speaking voice. Soon, Les began developing his own on-air style of patter, pretending at school that he was performing on the radio. He sought out mentors who could prepare him for the opportunity of being on the air.

And after high school, though Les earned his wage as a city sanitation worker, his persistence landed him a job as a late-night gofer at a prominent Miami radio station. Les immediately took advantage of the opportunity to learn even more. He absorbed all he could, hanging around the disc jockeys and engineers and practicing what he learned in a makeshift cardboard studio he created in his bedroom. His microphone was a hairbrush.

Finally, one night, a deejay couldn’t finish his show and Les had his chance to get on the air. When the chance came, not only was Les prepared to be on the radio but he was also prepared to be great on the radio. The style, patter, dialogue, and broadcasting skills he had worked so hard to develop paid off instantly-Les was an immediate hit, and he was later promoted to fill-in deejay. He ended up becoming a full-time disc jockey with his own radio show.”

Les Brown did not hide in one corner to pray and beg God for the opportunity to become a radio deejay, he took practical steps to develop himself while waiting for that one opportunity that will change his life forever! Milton Berle said, “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door”

Alexander Graham Bell equally said that, “When one door closes another door opens; but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us.” The choice is yours. From tomorrow, I will show you what to do while waiting for your opportunities. What did you learn from the story of Les Brown? Kindly share with us at the comment section of this blog. Connect with us on Facebook: Inspire Africa Project.


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