Welcome to #InspireAfricaProject! The words of Jesus concerning who we are usually reverberate in my mind anytime I think about the church. Jesus said; “You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.” Did you notice that He didn’t say we are the light of the church? In case you don’t know, the word WORLD in that verse means, SYSTEMS. If you read my book, Increasing Your Capacity for Exploits, you would have seen the eight systems that controls this world.

For example, education is a powerful system that can make or mar the destiny of our children. Politics is a system that control nations. Entertainment is a system that the kingdom of darkness is using to capture young people across the world, and so many others. Jesus said that we are the light of these systems! Are we fulfilling this assignment? Never! In fact, our Bibles are printed by worshipers of snakes and bulls in China.

What caused this? The butter and bread preaching we listen to every week that promises us heaven and earth without our input. The people that lay much emphasis on favour instead of labour will definitely raise indolent. Just look around, you will discover that nations that doesn’t believe in Jesus, who doesn’t attend breakthrough services or eat mustard seeds have captured Africa economically. How can a communist nation capture a continent that binds demon every minute?


How can a continent that pray and fast every minute depend on a nation that worship over five hundred thousand gods for their drugs and major surgeries like kidney transplant? In case you don’t know, ninety-nine percent of the inventions in this world came from the Christians of the old. Why? Because they believed more in work than favour or breakthrough!

I shared how the Protestant Work Ethic transformed some parts of Europe and United States of America in one of our conferences (Inspire Africa Project Conference). This people can skip lunch in order to finish their jobs. In fact, they usually eat while working. You can order for Work Ethic 101 to fully understand what am saying. But our generation is looking for shortcuts. We are hunting for something that can make us billionaires without our input.

Am sure you have read the article tilted; “THE NEW NIGERIAN RELIGION” people are sharing on social media. Unfortunately, I don’t know the author so that I can give him full credits, but nevertheless the author corroborate what I have been saying about African Christianity for many years.

He or she said, “A kind of Religion has emerged in Nigeria and its called laziness and mediocrity. The Nigerian Pastor won’t talk about Usain Bolt or Serena Williams. They won’t talk about late Dora Akunyili.

The Nigerian pastor won’t talk about Steve Jobs or the young people in Silicon Valley reshaping our world. They won’t talk about young American scientists spending endless hours in search of a cure to a disease that’s predominantly in the Tropical African region. The Nigerian pastor won’t talk about Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie or Ben Okri.

In every corner of the world, there exist young men and women who have defiled all odds and became successful through hardwork, creativity and dedication and commitment …The Nigerian pastor won’t talk about them……neither will he ask his members to emulate the spirit and drive of these individuals.


He would rather talk about sister Agatha who got a job she WAS NOT THE MOST QUALIFIED because she prayed and fasted in line with their church program. Or Brother John who became a millionaire because he used all his salary as a seed in the church. Or Papa Miracle who he laid his hands on and 3 of his children got admission in the university. Or Mama Esther paid her tithe and her business started growing everywhere across the nation……no business plan, no strategy, no feasibility, no customer analysis just *magic and boom* money everywhere.

This has led to the upsurge of mentally lazy young people who now see God as a rewarder of mediocrity and laziness. To the Nigerian Pastor, the only way to prosperity is by paying your tithe and sowing seeds in the church. So they will never talk about those who have through hardwork, commitment and dedication placed themselves on the world map.

No……the Nigeria God only blesses the first 30 people that rush to the altar to drop N100,000 as seed. According to them, The Nigeria God abhors hard work and creative thinking, He only gives to those who sow seeds and offerings……and those who shout “I am a millionaire” every morning and does nothing the rest of the day.

Fellow Nigerians. You want God to come down and help you use the talent He gave you and bless you because you are going to church to shout “Daddy, I receive it” You are all jokers. Can someone tell these jokers that irrespective of your creed, faith or religion, blessings and favours follow you once you start using your talent and become useful to your society. God doesn’t owe you N5.”

You may not agree with everything he said, but he made some salient points the church must pay attention to. I remember speaking somewhere, and I said, “If you sow heavy seed, and refuses to engage in hardwork, you won’t receive any harvest because God does not bless nothing.” Our continent will not develop rapidly unless we bring back the culture of hardwork. If we keep telling people that favour will negate labour, we will raise a generation that would want to circumvent hardwork with one month praying and fasting program. Wisdom is profitable to direct!

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