Welcome to #InspireAfricaProject! I went to Trade Fair Complex few days ago, and saw some women who were making money by simply using their heads to carry goods for people. The moment I saw them, I reminded myself that poverty is a choice! Am sure those women would have chosen to sit at home and blame their ancestors, satan, uncles, parents, siblings and husbands for their predicament, but they chose to make legitimate money for themselves.

Few months ago, I saw some women who were working at a construction site. I stood there and said to myself, it’s possible that these women are doing all these to feed irresponsible husbands who sits at home daily to blame bad economy. Am sure some of us might say, how can a whole me work in a construction site? How can an anointed servant of God like me hawk things on the street? Well, you must understand that poverty is not a respecter of anointing or academic qualifications!

If you’re ready to fold your sleeves and get your hands dirty, there is enough money for everyone on earth. Poverty is a choice! Prosperity is also a choice, kindly make a wise choice today! Let’s consider other root causes of poverty in our clime.

5. Mismanagement. It is not the amount of money you make that determines how wealthy you will become, it is your ability to manage the money. There are cleaners who are richer than bank managers! There are bus drivers who are richer than some business people. There are people who earn N1 million on monthly basis, yet they don’t have N100,000 anywhere in the world. But there are cleaners and vulkanizers who saves N15,000 from the N35,000 they make monthly!

So someone can be a bank manager and live under financial stress, while a cleaner who earns N35,000 montly live a stress free life. There are some business people whose annual income is buried in bottles of beer, girlfriends and boy friends, and other unimportant celebrations. Many people borrow the money they don’t have, to buy the this they cannot afford, in order to please the people who doesn’t even care!12-Pillars-pillars-of-success

Herd mentality has built permanent houses for some of us in the city of wretchedness. Because your kinsman invited people to celebrate the arrival of his new born baby, you that is struggling to put food on your family table will borrow money to throw your own party too.

I have seen couples who deliberately invited poverty into their homes after wedding because they borrowed money to organize a senseless wedding party so that their kinsmen and friends will not think they are poor! It’s only in Africa that people uses the acquisition of liability and waste of scarce resources to boast. You will hear someone who is bold enough to say, yesterday, I gulped twelve bottles of beer. One day, that individual will wake up and discover that he is now 65 years old without any investment that will sustain him.

I have seen some people who sold the lands they have in the city, and went to their village and built a mansion. Is there any other definition for madness? How can you sell your precious land and build house for rats and wall ghecko? It’s good to build houses in the village, but you must understand that it doesn’t have value.

Your ability to manage your money properly determines whether you’re going to be wealthy or not. It’s good to make money, but knowing how to manage the money is important. If your outgo is higher than your income, then your upkeep will soon become your downfall. Order for my books, Twelve Pillars of Financial Success, and 15 Laws of Money to learn more about financial management.

6. Our Belief System. Some of us believes that some people were created to be wealthy, while others were created to be poor. Others believe that you cannot become wealthy unless you join cult or commit atrocities. That’s why every wealthy person in our clime is a suspect. It’s true that some people made their money through evil means, but their are million of people who made their money in the right way. I know many people that became rich without stealing, cheating or defrauding someone.

This mindset has rendered many people useless in Africa. The quality of your thought determines the size of your purse. If you believe that no one can become wealthy without committing one atrocity or the other, you will see poverty as a sign or righteousness. To you, every wealthy person is a candidate of hell fire.

Get rid of that mindset right now. You can be rich and righteous at the same time. Abraham was rich on earth, and has a place named after him in eternity-Abraham’s bosom! I strongly believe that if we can learn the secrets of financial management, and get rid of negative mindset, we will kick poverty out of Africa. Welcome to the world of unlimited possibilities! To be continued.15 Laws of Money

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