Welcome to #KingdomManna on #InspireAfricaProject! When I look at the way some Christians panic these days, I fear for the future of Christianity in Africa. Ordinary wall gecko is enough to send some Christians out of their houses. If an owl perches on the window of an average Christians in our clime at midnight, I can guarantee you that he or she will declare emergency vigil that night to bind every spirit of owls!

One of the reasons why prayer hunters and miracle seekers are flooding every church is because of the kind of teachings they are receiving. When a man of God stands on the platform and talk about satanic manipulation for three hours, he is indirectly showing people how powerful the devil is, and how to be wary of him. Am not saying we should be ignorant of the devices of the devil, but he should not be the center of our worship.

The very day you gave your life to Christ, you changed your nationality. You moved from the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of God. You were disconnected from the kingdom of darkness, and Jesus engrafted you into the Kingdom of the ‘Agidigbacious’ God!

Redemption gave you the right to sit on the same bench with Christ, and the dominion mandate Adam lost was given back to you, so that you can rule and take charge on earth! If this is what happens when someone is saved, why are believers afraid of the devil? Because they are ignorant of their position in the Kingdom of God.Higher Life in Christ Jesus By Ifeanyi AC Eze

In my book, Higher Life in Christ, I shared this powerful story. “Charles G. Finney was a nineteen-century evangelist whose life demonstrated the ‘Agidigbaciousness’ of God. During a visit to New York Mills in 1826, he visited a cotton manufacturing plant where his brother-in-law was the superintendent.

As Finney passed through a spacious room in which many women were working, he noticed several young women watching him and speaking among themselves. As Finney approached them, they became more agitated. When Finney was about ten feet away, one woman sank on the ground and burst into tears. Soon others were sobbing, overcome with convictions for their sins.

This outpouring of the Spirit spread rapidly throughout the building until the entire factory was singularly aware of God’s presence. The owner, an unbeliever, realized that God was at work and temporarily closed the plant. He asked Finney to preach to his employees and tell them how they might find peace for their souls. He had simply entered the factory. God’s powerful presence in Finney was too overwhelming to ignore.”

John G. Lake was in south Africa when a plague broke out and thousands of people were dying. Lake challenged doctors to take some of the foam from the mouths of the victims and examine it to be sure the germs were still alive. He urged them to put the foam on his hand, so that it would be re-axamined under a microscope. Behold, all the germs were discovered dead at the re-examination! The ruggedity of his body killed the germs!

Several years ago, John Wesley walked on a particular street in England and pub (beer parlour) owners closed down their outlets and surrendered their lives to Christ. It was reported that, one hundred years later, there is no single club or pub (beer parlour) on that same street!

Paul the great said; “For the earnest expectation of the creation eagerly waits for the manifestation of the sons of God.” Romans 8:19. The earlier you become a spiritually ruggedized Christian by engaging in spiritual exercises, the best for you. Every religious fellow will end up as a prey to the devil. No matter how religious you are, Pharaoh won’t let you go until you demonstrate power!

Stop chasing anointing oil and prayer mat around, engage in a personal quest to encounter God in a special way! I told a young lady who was fidgeting because of the bad dream she had that, “If you can study five chapters of the Bible daily, and pray in the spirit all the time no matter where you are, the devil and his agents will never cross your path.”

It’s good to pray for brethren, but to depend on others to pray for you all the time is the pathway to destruction. Grow up! Stop asking for baby food and demand for the supernatural food that will turn you into a terror to the kingdom of darkness! May the Lord order your steps this week and lead you into your wealthy places. Welcome to the world if unlimited possibilities!

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