Welcome to Inspire Africa Project! Many people walked into trouble because they are unstable as water. They are easily swayed by the opinion of others and that’s why they can’t get to the height they were destined to attain. Some have conviction; but because there is a popular opinion, a general consensus, a thing everyone does, they abandon their conviction to follow what everyone does!

Some young ladies lost their virginity because they lacked firmness of purpose, not because they desired to sleep with men, but because other ladies told them that it was a shame to still be a virgin at their age and they believed them. They failed to stay with their convictions because some agents of darkness told them that if they remained a virgin at that age, it would make them sick. They lost their virginity not because they wanted to sleep with men, but because they were not convinced that what they stood for was correct.

Many people live their lives at the dictates of the society. Society dictates their dressing, eating, dancing and other behaviours. They belong to the bandwagon. They do not have a say in life. Popular opinion and general consensus determine the actions they take. That’s the major challenge of our generation.

Many young ladies were dressing respectfully initially, but when they saw how some agents of darkness were dressing, they forgot their values and joined them. Some young men imbibed the values their parents inculcated into them, but once they entered into the university they forgot their convictions and joined other criminals!The Pursuit of Excellence By Ifeanyi AC Eze

Determine to be firm in purpose. Determine to be a conviction driven person. Determine to have solid stand of integrity even if you have to stand alone! Joseph knew that his refusal to sleep with Mrs Portiphar was dangerous, but he held on to his conviction. What was Joseph’s conviction? He said to the woman, “How can I do this wicked thing and sin against God?” To Joseph, this was a no go area, nothing in this world could make him change his mind because his conviction was his boundary!

Dear friend, what are your boundaries? Can you see a bribe of $1million and look the other way? Or will you adjust your boundary to accommodate evil? I am not trying to say that you should become legalistic or unnecessarily hard in yourself, but you must draw a line you will never cross no matter the pressure. I know that we are still moving towards perfection, but there are things you should not do because you know that they are bad.The Untapped Treasures By Ifeanyi AC Eze

When you fall, don’t kill yourself, run back to God and start the journey all over again. Once you are conscious of this, you will become a role model to others, and most importantly, you’ll make the world a better place! Welcome to the world of unlimited possibilities! Share your views in the comment section of the blog. For inquiries about our Products, Inspire Africa Project Conference, Consultancy or Training Programs, kindly call +234 703 268 1154. Facebook: Inspire Africa Project . Twitter @KingIfeanyiEze. @InspireAfricaP.


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