Welcome to #InspireAfricaProject! The world is full of bad new. Everywhere you turn, bad news will be staring at you. If you turn on your television or radio, the information they will bombard you with can lead to depression. If you dare pick up the newspaper to read, the headlines will be screaming bad news.

Even when you log on to social media, bad news will be waiting for you. If you don’t see a prophet who is terrifying people with the picture of a grave and an instruction to reject it by typing amen, one of your friends will upload the picture of either his dead relative or a ghastly motor accident. Bad news is gradually becoming a way of life, and that’s why some “prophets” are using it to hold spiritual infants hostage. But you can make up your mind to sell good news.

Good news makes you come alive. Am sure you have been in many situations when someone bursts in and said: “I’ve got good news.” Immediately this person gets one hundred percent attention from everyone present. Good news does more than get attention; good news pleases people. Good news develops enthusiasm. Good news even promotes good digestion.

Just because there are more broadcasters of bad news than there are broadcasters of good news, don’t be misled. No one ever won a friend, no one ever made money, no one ever accomplished anything by broadcasting bad news.

Transmit good news to your family. Tell them the good that happened today. Recall the amusing, pleasant things you experienced and let the unpleasant things stay buried. Am not saying you should not share your challenges with someone, but don’t be a carrier of bad news. Spread good news. It’s pointless to pass on the bad. It makes your family worry, makes them nervous. Bring home some sunlight every day.

Ever noticed how seldom children complain about the weather? They take hot weather in stride until the negative news carriers educate them to be conscious of unpleasant temperatures. Make it a habit always to speak favorably about the weather regardless of what the weather actually is. Complaining about the weather makes you more miserable and it spreads misery to others.

Broadcast good news about how you feel. Be an “I-feel-great” person. Just say “I feel great” at every possible opportunity, and you will feel better. By the same token, tell people, “I feel awful, and just awful,” and you will feel worse.

How we feel is, in large part, determined by how we think we feel. Remember, too, that other people want to be around alive, enthusiastic people. Being around complainers and half-dead people is uncomfortable.

Transmit good news to the people you work with. Give them encouragement, compliment them at every opportunity. Tell them about the positive things the company is doing. Listen to their problems. Be helpful. Encourage people and win their support. Pat them on the back for the job they’re doing. Give them hope. Let them know you believe they can succeed, that you have faith in them. Practice relieving worriers.

Make this little test regularly to keep you on the right track. Whenever you leave a person, ask yourself, “Does that person honestly feel better because he has talked with me?” This self training device works. Apply it when talking with employees, associates, your family, customers, friends, and even with casual acquaintances.

David J. Schwartz shared the following experience. “A salesman friend is a real good-news broadcaster. He called on his customers every month and always makes it a rule to have some good news to pass along. Examples: “I met one of your good friends last week. He said to tell you hello.” “Since I was here last big things have happened. Over 350,000 new babies were born last month, and more babies mean more business for both of us.”

Usually we think of bank presidents as overly reserved, and unemotional people who never really warm up. Not so with one bank president. His favorite way to answer the phone is to say, “Good morning, it’s a wonderful world. May I sell you some money?”

Improper for a banker? Some might say so, but let me point out that the banker who uses this greeting was Mills Lane, Jr., president of the Citizens and Southern Bank, the largest in the entire Southeast (which is now part of Bank of America).”Increasing_Your_Capacity_for_Exploits

He went on to say that the president of a brush-manufacturing company I visited recently had this maxim neatly framed on his desk facing the visitor’s chair: “Give me a Good Word or none at all.” I complimented him, saying that I thought the maxim was a clear way to encourage people to be optimistic.

He smiled and said, “It is an effective reminder. But from where I sit this is even more important.” He turned the frame around so I could see it from his side of the desk. It said, “Give them Good Word or none at all.”

Dear friend, broadcasting good news activates you, makes you feel better. Broadcasting good news makes other people feel better too. Good news gets good results. Broadcasting good news makes people like you, and want to associate with you. Stop spreading bad news.

Bad news kills faith and nurture fear. If you want your faith to grow, you must avoid the people I call bad news carriers. They are faith assassinators. They are faith breakers. They are destiny damagers. Vow to become a good news carrier from today, and you will experience unprecedented success in every area of your life. See you at the top!

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