Welcome to #InspireAfricaProject! Several years ago, I discovered that the deeper your insight, the faster you run in life. I will never forget what happened to me in a conference in 2006. Dr. Mike Murdock made a statement that turned my life around. He said that, “The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine.” It dawned on me that by extrapolation, my daily activities are the true picture of my future. That one insight made me to reorganize my life and I vowed that everyday of my life must count! Few months later I wrote my first book, and as at today, I have written twelve life changinge books.

One genuine insight is enough to transform your entire life and take you straight to the top! I can’t spend twenty-four hours without learning something new. I structured my life in a way that whether I am in the house, car or office, I am learning something knew.

“Jeff Arch was running a successful karate school, but inside him something was missing. He had always dreamed of being a successful playwright and screenwriter, but his early efforts had not paid off, and so he had turned his attention to feeding his young family. Still awake at 4:00 AM one night, he found himsel watching an informercial for Tony Robbins Personal Power Program.covers-book-2

Sitting alone in his living room, Jeff thought, I have to face it. I am doing a good job, but this is not where I want to be. I have to admit that I have failed in every possible way there is to fail. He also said, I wouldn’t be sitting here at four in the morning wondering what to do with my life, and what to tell my kids when they get a little older and start asking questions. “I heard you were going to be a writer, Dad what happened?

Jeff instantly made two decisions that would dramatically change his life. He picked up the phone and ordered the program. Then he promised himself that when the program arrive, unless it was total garbage, he would complete it, no matter what. And he would use it as his ticket back into writing. The program arrived, Jeff did each day’s lesson just as he promised himself. He didn’t tell anyone about it because he was too self-conscious. He wanted to get results first.

Fortunately, the information turned out to be just what Jeff needed. The first day he listened to the tapes, he knew he had to return to his writing, and the very next morning, after 3 years away from his typewriter, he turned in the keys of the karate school and resigned his position to pursue his dream. Jeff said that, “Tony was the first person I ever heard that didn’t say you’re dreaming too much.” “He didn’t say, come on, you’re asking too much.” What he said was, “You’ve got to think bigger than you even thought you could think!”

Here I was, thirty five years old, and it was the first time in my life somebody gave me permission and encouragement to dream bigger than I was already dreaming. Inspired by Tony’s suggestion and drawing on self-confidence that earning a third-degree black belt had given him, Jeff dove back into writing screenplay.

Though the earlier ones took 6 months to 3 years to write, this one was finished and ready in a month! The script was well received but it didn’t sell, yet Jeff didn’t give up. Within a month he wrote a screenplay for Sleepless in Seattle in less than a month, and it sold less than 3 months later for a quarter of a million dollars. Sleepless in Seattle went on to become a megahit that garnered Jeff an Oscar nomination for the best screenplay, plus two more nominations from the Writers Guild of America and the British Academy of Film and Television Arts.”-Jack Canfield.

What triggered these successes was the insight he gathered from Tony Robbins’ teaching. What if he didn’t listen to that teaching? The answer is simple, he would have lived a miserable life running his karate school. To stand out in your profession you must develop unquencheable appetite for fresh insight daily.

Develop the habit of reading two books a month. Attend conferences and seminars regularly to sharpen yourself. The facts you gather today will determine how fat your bank account will become tomorrow. Don’t tell me you don’t have time, do you have less than twenty-four hours in a day? Sit down and structure your day and allot two hours for reading and listening to insightful teachings! Wisdom is profitable to direct!

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