Welcome to #InspireAfricaProject! Life is all about choices. You make your choices and they turn around to make you. Success is a product of choice. Poverty is equally a product of choice. Sometimes sickness and death are products of choices. When it comes to choice, nobody can help you out. Someone can counsel and advise you, but you must make the final choice.

No one was born poor, and no one was born rich. Nobody was born with a three-piece suit and a pair of shoes on. Everybody came to this earth stark naked. Nobody carried a purse or cheque book when he was born. People arrive here to become whatever they chooses to be.

A young man who sits in the house daily to argue about the best footballer in the world has chosen to become one of the poorest men in the world. A man who is getting married but doesn’t have any source of income has chosen premature death in future. A young lady who is not ready to go to school or work, but keep sleeping with men has chosen either HIV or single motherhood.

An individual who is only interested in collecting black stone, anointing oil, mustered seed, incense, anointing water and other stuff, but refuses to work has chosen a wonderful companion called, poverty! A young lady who is always beaten up by the man she calls her fiancè and went ahead to marry the same person has chosen to be killed by a beast in human body!Uncommon Wisdom Academy

A young man who refuses to do legitimate business, but chooses to peddle drugs by ingesting them into his stomach has chosen to either spend the rest of his life in jail, or killed by the cocaine he stuffed into his stomach. A leader who refuses to listen to sound advise and chose to listen to learners and agents of destruction will definitely end his assignment in a disgraceful manner.

A business man who refuses to upgrade his knowledge about the business world, and chose to stick to what his masters taught him in 1978 has chosen to beg at old age. An individual who refuses to embrace Christ, and chooses to live in iniquity has chosen to spend eternity in hell with satan! That individual who refuses to balance his diet and exercise regularly, but rather believes that God will take care of him will discover the meaning of foolishness in the grave!

That young man who smokes three packs of cigarette every day has chosen to turn his liver to chimney which will definitely lead to premature death. That young man who gets drunk and chose to drive at the same time will soon see himself under the trailer with his body drenched in blood! That woman who deliberately insults her husband everyday has chosen to be blessed with hot slaps regularly. That man who beats his wife has chosen to remain a boy forever, and equally have a rebellious wife.

Some people were born into wealthy families yet they ended up as poor as village rat (not church rat). There are those who were born into a wretched family, yet they ended up at the top without any family support. So it’s not where your were born that determines your placement on earth, it is your choices that determines your chances. Poverty is a choice, and prosperity is equally a choice.bead advert

Anytime I teach on giving, I usually tell my audience that giving alone cannot make you rich. If you sow seeds and fail to work, you have failed to provide a channel through which God will release the blessings. Giving procures the blessing, while working opens the channel through which the blesding flows back to you.

Giving establishes the blessings, but working provides the channel for the blessings. So giving without working is like pouring water into a basket. Your seed will provoke blessings for you, but it will never manifest until you provide a channel. We make our choices and the choices turn around to make us! Make wise choices today. Don’t ever forget that the choice is yours! Remain ever lifted!

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