Welcome to #InspireAfricaProject! Your attitude will either take you to a high altitude or turn you into a destitute! You will either rise or fall depending in your worldview. If you are looking at life from the negative point of view, it will be difficult for you to climb the ladder of success.

Many people are struggling in their calling because of their negative attitude. Some beautiful young ladies are still single today because of their bad attitude. Some young men are facing rejection from any lady they propose to because of their negative attitude. Your attitude will always determine your altitude in life.

“A woman was compelled by adversity to go into sales work, a type of activity for which she has no training. She undertook to demonstrate vacuum cleaners from house to house. She took a negative attitude towards herself and her work. She just didn’t believe she could do this job. She knew she was going to fail. She feared to approach a house even though she came for a requested demonstration. She believed that she could not make the sale. As a result, as is not surprising, she failed in a high percentage ot her interviews.15 Laws of Money

One day she chanced to call upon a woman who evidenced consideration beyond the average. To this customer the saleswoman poured out her tale of defeat and powerlessness. The other woman listened patiently, then said quietly, “If you expect failure, you will get failure, but if you expect to succeed, I am sure you will succeed.”

She added, “I will give you a formula which I believe will help you. It will change your thinking, give you new confidence, and help you to accomplish your goals. Repeat this formula before every call. Believe in it and then marvel at what it will do for you. This is it. ‘If God be for us, who can be against us?’

But change it by personalizing it so that you say, ‘If God be for me, who can be against me?’ If God be for me, then I know that with God’s help I can sell vacuum cleaners. God realizes that you want security and support for your little children and yourself, and by practicing this method I suggest you will be given power to get what you want.”

She learned to utilize this formula. She approached each house expecting to make a sale, affirming and picturizing positive, not negative results. As the saleswoman applied this principle she developed courage, new faith, and deeper confidence in her own ability. Now she declares, if God helps me to sell vacuum cleaners, and who can dispute it?”

It is a well defined and authentic principle that what the mind profoundly expects it tends to recieve. This is true because what you really expect is what you actually want. If with all your heart, that is to say, if with the full complement of your personality, you reach out creatively toward your heart’s desire, your reach will not be in vain!”~Norman Vincent Peale.

One of the ways to turn the negative attitude that has limited you so far is to raise your faith antenna. Faith is a supernatural force that can turn an impossible case to testimonies. Instead of dreading your job or assignment, say to yourself, “I am a winner, and by the help of God, I must accomplish this task in a grand style.”

Many people died prematurely because they were expecting death. Probably because they dreamed about death, they became afraid of it, and allowed the thought of death to occupy their hearts for a long time, and one day, what they were nursing in their hearts paid them a calamitous visit, and they died. You cannot think death and be alive. On the other hand, you cannot think life and die prematurely!12-Pillars-pillars-of-success

The attitude of your heart will always program the circumstances that shows up around you. Stop wondering how you’ll survive after the death of your spouse, rather start thinking about how God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory. You are a winner but you don’t know.

Some of us are like a lion who doesn’t know that he was a lion. So when a goat or dog appears, he will run away. Instead of roaring, the lion will be bleating. Instead of taking charge of the jungle, he was domesticated by someone. Instead of eating other animals when he is hungry, the owner will simply buy meat in the market for him. That’s pure demotion! Stand up wherever you are right now and roar like a lion! Say, “I am a lion, and am taking charge of my territory right now! My generation will celebrate me before I die! I am a winner!” Welcome to the world of unlimited possibilities!

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