Welcome to Inspire Africa Project! Am sure if I say, may your Goliath locate you this week nobody will shout amen because we believe it’s a negative prayer. But if you look at that statement critically, you will discover that it’s a powerful prayer.

For example, I have discovered that Goliath is the bridge between obscurity and popularity! When some of us pray for breakthrough and supernatural promotion, God will send Goliath to deliver them. Unfortunately, when most of us see Mr. Goliath coming, we will either run or start commanding fire to kill him.

When you get to heaven and see David and ask him what made him popular in Israel, he will simply say, help me thank Goliath! Without Goliath, David would have ended up as a shepherd boy the rest of his life. The battle between David and Goliath was the platform that made David a national hero overnight.

Do you know that great riches, opportunity to marry the kings daughter and your family exemption from taxes were hidden inside Goliath? These were the promises king Saul made to anyone that would kill the giant, but none of the soldiers dared to grab them until David arrived.

I know you like claiming and shouting a big amen to powerful prophetic words, but for some of those prophecies to become a reality, you must be ready to confront Goliath. There are challenges you cannot bind because God is aware of them. He allowed them to push you out of your comfort zone. If God has a big plan for you and discover that you are holding tight to your present position, He will make that place uncomfortable for you in order to get your attention.The Entrepreneur

There are dimensions of blessing you cannot gain access to until you leave where you are right now. So God can use Pharoah to make Egypt uncomfortable for you so that you can cry to Him for freedom. God has a promise land for all of us, but you must leave Egypt before you can gain access to it. If you refuse to leave, He will arrange your departure, it’s just that it might not be palatable!

When your present assignment is over, God will send Goliath to deliver your promotion letter! Without the cross, forget the crown. If you don’t like pain, please forget the gain. You must fight battles to gain access to your mantle. If you are not ready for challenges, you cannot become a champion.Increasing_Your_Capacity_for_Exploits

Anybody that preaches milk and honey to you all the time is not telling you the whole truth, because it took the Israelites forty years to gain access to their own milk and honey! Wisdom is profitable to direct. See you at the top! What did you learn from this discussion? Share your views or ask questions at the comment section of this blog.

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